Z-Ro And Trae - Street Dream News (DVD)


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ho ho ho

i aint gonna download this shit until somebody tell me how is it


Dude Shit is nice! 4real


If you dont know who they are then you dont need to!!! Real talk its goes down in TEXAS And ABN Is what that iz you dont know nothing bout these underground KINGZ!! RIP PIMP C



I wanna know if i can find

I wanna know if i can find any sub titles for all the DVd on this site? Thanxx
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If u cant understand wat dey b saying on the dvd, then how u understand theyr metaphores on the damn track? Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up

Man, i cant understand the

Man, i cant understand the whole ting cauz am french, for real! To catch everything i want the subtitles. That's all! So, answer me if u can, if not let u do ya ting and forget about me!

Whats up

HI, I am so shocked of some of these comments on this page. The only way to truly understand this music is to live in texas or atleast understand were these guys are coming from.Its way more than just rap its an actual life style. What these guys rap about is the way they live there life, Thats truly how I feel I can relate to these guys. Im a born and raised TEXAS gurl from Dallas TX, and when I bump they shit I feel it and I take it to the HEART. TEXAS GURL!!!


i can listen to it but i dont see no damn video..what the fuck is up with that ...how can i fix that or how can i watch the video

get VLC media player --

get VLC media player -- should work fine. if not you gotta get the right codecs..get G-Spot Video something or other, google it, it tells you the codec information. then google the codec and install it, should work after that. keep it screwed


get the vlc player

good shit

this dvd is fire i luv this shit
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"TYL-TEXAS" Aye, Anybody

"TYL-TEXAS" Aye, Anybody know where I can dl more dvds like this??
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"Need Hood Dvd'z "

"TYL-TEXAS" Holla at me...
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I wonder why the torrent

I wonder why the torrent hasnt upped any dvds lately

Cant u see...

this bitch is barely runnin with all this spam floodin up this shit?? And u want new dvds. What they need is a new server! Everytime i log-in i win a new iPhone and a gift card from walmart! LMAO!!