Trackstar The DJ - From Marcy To Madison St (Lupe Fiasco Vs Jay-Z)


02-Jay-Z-Where I'm From
03-Lupe Fiasco-Angels
04-Jay-Z-So Ghetto
05-Lupe Fiasco-So Ghetto
06-Lupe Fiasco-Pressure
08-Lupe Fiasco-Sittin Sidewayz
09-Jay-Z-Sittin Sidewayz
10-Lupe Fiasco-Sittin Sidewayz
11-Jay-Z-Dynasty Intro
12-Lupe Fiasc-Dynasty Intro
13-Jay-Z-Dear Summer
14-Lupe Fiasco-Dear Fall
15-Jay-Z-Thank You
16-Lupe Fiasco-Thank You
17-Jay-Z-Dead Presidents
18-Lupe Fiasco-Dead Presidents
19-Jay-Z-Ignorant Shit
20-Lupe Fiasco-Ignorant Shit
21-Jay-Z-You, Me. Him, Her
22-Lupe Fiasco-You, Me, Him Her
23-Jay-Z-Diamonds Are Forever
24-Lupe Fiasco-Conflict Diamonds

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This shit right here

Already...this is whats up**I dont smoke phillies, pass me a swisha**
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Very cool concept. Nothing new by any stretch, but a great mixtape just on principle
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he did one like this wit lil

he did one like this wit lil wayne vs royce da 5'9". it was a godo mix and a nice way to get wayne fans into royce fans and vice versa. this tape should do the same


on to the next one.its aight couple weeks in the ipod