Mick Boogie & Lupe Fiasco - It Was Written

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Everybody's favorite hip-hop skater (minus the
Ice Cream skate team) and hip-hop's fresh
face Lupe Fiasco teams up with The
Commissioner Mick Boogie as he puts his 1,2
1,2 on the "Kick Push" kid.

Originally gaining major mixtape attention with
his Mix Unit Collabo Touch The Sky, the West
Side Chicagoan recently dropped his leak-proof
hip-hop classic Food & Liquor to major hip-hop
press acclaim.

Already kicking and pushing his album, Lupe
Fiasco returns to the street with Mick to splash
the fans with another mixtape, this time full of
1st & 15th favorites, including rarities, remixes,
classics, freestyles and fire! Chi-Town stand

1 - Mick Boogie - Intro
2 - Lupe Fiasco - Intro
3 - Lupe Fiasco - FNF Dynasty
4 - Lupe Fiasco & Jay-Z - Pressure
5 - Lupe Fiasco - What It Do
6 - Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha (Kickdrums remix)
7 - Lupe Fiasco & The Commissioner Interlude...
8 - Lupe Fiasco - Mic Check
9 - Lupe Fiasco - Proper
10 - Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push (Live Band Mix)
11 - Lupe Fiasco Explains The It Was Written Mixtape...
12 - Lupe Fiasco & Nas - It Was Written (Mick Boogie Mix / Produced By Dart Parker)
13 - Lupe Fiasco - Tilted
14 - Lupe Fiasco, Ghostface, & Mike Shinoda - Spray Paint
15 - Lupe Fiasco & Evidence - Catch Me I’m Ballin’
16 - Lupe Fiasco Speaks On The Leak...
17 - Lupe Fiasco & Yummy Bingham - Much More
18 - Lupe Fiasco, Kanye & Joy Denalane - Change (Mick Boogie remix)
19 - Lupe Fiasco - We Love You
20 - Lupe Fiasco & Amanda Diva - Sunshine remix
21 - Lupe Fiasco & Reebok Interlude...
22 - Lupe Fiasco & I Monster - Daydream (Original Sample Mix)
23 - Lupe Fiasco & Naledge - Mean & Vicious
24 - Lupe Fiasco - Ghetto Story
25 - Lupe Fiasco - Get A Shirt
26 - Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Food & Liquor...
27 - Lupe Fiasco - Failure
28 - Lupe Fiasco - Ignorant Sh*t
29 - Lupe Fiasco - Outro
30 - Gemini - FNF Dynasty Part 2
31 - Gemini - Got What You Need

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Absolute Fiasco!!! Hes got

Absolute Fiasco!!! Hes got such an interesting but dope tone to his beats. 3 out of 5

Way too sick with the rhymes

Way too sick with the rhymes and word play. Dumb it down, naw, niggas just need to smartin' up!!! "Muhammad Walks" is another ill mixtape. This is proper Hip-Hop opposed to that "wipe me down", " I got money -50", and the other fake hiphop rubbish that's out. Lupe is way underrated.


Not 1 torrent i have tried works on this site? any1 know why or is everyones working fine?

all of the torrents work, I

all of the torrents work, I just tested this to make sure and it connected to many peers sounds like you're having connection issues...make sure to download the newest version of azureus and to check our download guide for futher help

You dont have to use just one service

I'm using limewire and it works just great and I dont know about his guy but you should use different services and limewire is free and fast in im not pushin it on you just lettin you know and when you click on the attachment you choose to open the doc. and then it downloads to what ever service you have on your comp.