DJ LRM - Revenge Of The Nerds

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1.Pharrell & The Clipse Cheers
2.Lupe Faisco U, Me, Him (Freestyle)
3.Lupe Fiasco Accept The Trouble
4.Common & Pharrell Announcement
5.N.E.R.D., Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pusha T Everyone Nose (Remix)
6.Common & Pharrell Universal Mind Control
7.Kanye West Love Lockdown
8.Fonzworth Bentley, Kanye West & Andre 3000 Everybody
9.John Legend & Kanye West Itæs Over
10.Consequence & John Legend Feel This Way
11.Kanye West & 88 Keys Stay Up (Viagra)
12.Skillz, Common & Talib Kweli So Far So Good (Remix)
13.Kanye West Heartless
14.Kanye West Coldest Winter
15.Common & Ludacris Do The Right Thing
16.Lupe Fiasco & Stack Bundles I Keep It Gutter Like
17.N.E.R.D. Spazz
18.N.E.R.D. Lazer Gun
19.Kanye West Gotta Pose
20.Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell &Q-Tip Paris, Tokyo (Remix)
21.Pharrell & Nicole (Pussycat Dolls) Heartbeat {Bonus Track}

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Kanye is supa undarated! This shit is cold!!!!!!!!!!11
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another one of my fans LMAO ^^^^^^^^^^^^ i have a fan base larger than most these artist ya'll listen to HAHAHA

who the fuck lied to you

who the fuck lied to you gaygay?

is this a joke?

are you kidding me? kanye underrated? after destroying fif, he got all the respect he deserved. after rapping about grammys, people took a listen and gave him a few. you dont know shit
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i FUCKING HATE kanye west faggot, read the name that posted that comment and PLEASE let me know what you notice different bout his name and mine, its really not that hard, just take a CLOSE LOOK, its the kind of shit you learn in pre-K, lemme know how long it takes you ok LOL "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"

i wish these dj's would stop

i wish these dj's would stop puttin love lockdown, coldest winter and heartless on every mixtape wit yeezy. we already got this shit nigga!


That's a hot cover!

Yo Lupe

Yo Lupe got a mixtape called Fareignhiet 1/15: Revenge of the Nerds, That shit hot also, search it and DL. This tape go hard 2. One

Not bad at all

This is definitely true "hip hop".. Not that jibber jabber rapper.

this is the commercial

this is the commercial version of the Leaders of The New Cool mixtape, yall should peep that


algood wrote:
this is the commercial version of the Leaders of The New Cool mixtape, yall should peep that
Props to you man. This tape ain't bad, but that Leaders of the New School shit is on top! if anybody thinks they might like this or does like this then get the leaders of the new school tape on here. sick flows. respect.
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Revenge of the Nerds?! More

Revenge of the Nerds?! More like the revenege of the shit soft ass rappers. Straight up, the only good rapper on this tape is Ludacris....and Lupe. But Kanye and Pharell and all those fags, get outta her! shyyt

proly the gayest shit iv

proly the gayest shit iv ever seen