Swishahouse - Choppin Em Up (Full Series Discs 1-9)

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Disc 1:

01.Michael Watts - Intro [01:26]
02.P.J., Slim Thug, Lil' Mario, Archie Lee, Lester Roy, and J-Dawg - Freestyle (I'm A Hoe beat) [18:15]
03.J-Dawg, Lil' Mario, Big Tiger, Lester Roy, Big Pi, and Slim Thug - Freestyle (Da Streets Ain't Right beat) [17:17]
04.Archie Lee, Slim Thug, and Lil' Mario - Freestyle (Computer Love beat) [06:19]
05.Archie Lee and Lester Roy - Freestyle [04:14]
06.Lil' Mario and P.J. - Freestyle [04:32]
07.Big Tiger, Lil' Mario, Big Redd, Big Pic, and SlimThug - Freestyle (It Ain't My Fault beat) [19:03]
08.Sabwarfare - Freestyle [01:52]

Disc 2:

01.Michael Watts - Intro [02:28]
02.Lil' Mario and A.D. - Freestyle (Bitches Ain't Shit beat) [04:11]
03.J-Dawg and Slim Thug - Freestyle (Southside beat) [05:18]
04.Lil' Mario, Slim Thug, and J-Dawg - Freestyle (Scarface beat) [03:50]
05.Lil Ron - Freestyle (Jigga My Nigga beat) [01:58]
06.Swisha House - Freestyle [05:49]
07.Big Pic and OG Ron C - Skit [00:29]
08.Big Pic and Big Tiger - Freestyle (It's A Playa beat) [07:42]
09.Chamillionaire and Paul Wall - Freestyle (Hot Girl) [02:32]
10.Sabwarfare - Freestyle [07:08]
11.Lester Roy, Archie Lee, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire - Freestyle (Juvenile beat) [06:22]
12.Big Tiger, Big Pic, Lil' Pat, and Blindcyde - Freestyle [04:17]
13.Slim Thug - Freestyle (When A Womans Fed Up beat) [02:23]
14.Unknown - Unknown [07:24]
15.Unknown - Unknown [05:35]
16.Slim Thug and Lil' Mario - Freestyle (Wanna Be A Balla beat) [06:21]

Disc 3:

01.Sabwarfare & Lil Ron - Freestyle [03:20]
02.Slim Thug - Freestyle [01:04]
03.Lil Mario & PJ - Freestyle (85l beat) [03:35]
04.Sabwarfare & Lil Mario - Freestyle [04:26]
05.Sabwarfare & Lil Ron - Freestyle (Whistle While You Twerk beat) [05:36]
06.A.D., Alley Cat, & Lestor Roy - Freestyle (Who Run It beat) [03:48]
07.Big Tiger, Lil Ron, Lestor Roy, Big Tubby - Freestyle (All In My Grill beat) [05:54]
08.Big Pic & Big Tiger - Freestyle (Hot Boys beat) [03:32]
09.Big Tiger - Freestyle (Hot Boys beat) [00:26]
10.Slim Thug - Freestyle (Hot Boys beat) [02:09]
11.Big Pic, Lil Ron, Archie Lee, Big Tiger, Sabwarfare & Blindcyde - Freestyle (Whoa beat) [09:27]
12.J-Dawg - Freestyle (One More Road To Cross beat) [01:14]
13.Archie Lee, Sabwarfare & Lestor Roy - Freestyle (Enjoy Yourself beat) [04:25]
14.Lil Ron & Big Tiger - Freestyle (Who The Fuck Want What beat) [04:25]
15.Lil Mario & Slim Thug - Freestyle (Big Pimpin beat) [03:06]

Disc 4:

01.Lil' Mario, Chamillionaire, Big Pic, and Lil' Ron - Freestyle (Down For My Niggaz beat) [04:30]
02.Big Tiger, Paul Wall, and Archie Lee - Freestyle (Down For My Niggaz beat) [03:48]
03.Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Freestyle (Xxxplosive beat) [03:17]
04.Lil' Flip - Freestyle (Everlasting Bass beat) [04:58]
05.Big Pic and Big Tiger - Freestyle (Triumph beat) [03:42]
06.Archie Lee - Freestyle (Baller Blockin beat) [01:10]
07.Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Freestyle [03:11]
08.Slim Thug, J-Dawg, Sabwarfare, and Lil' Ron - Freestyle (Eve beat) [04:44]
09.Big Tiger, Big Pic, A.D., Lil' Ron, Archie Lee, and Sabwarfare - Sabwarfare - Freestyle [06:38]
10.50/50 Twin and Lil' Ron - Freestyle (What Means The World To You beat) [01:58]
11.Archie Lee - Freestyle [01:09]
12.50/50 Twin, Al Bolden, Slim Thug, Sabwarfare, Big Tger, and Paul Wall - Freestyle (Shut Up beat) [05:35]
13.Blindcyde, Sabwarfare, Lil' Mario, and J-Dawg - Freestyle (Sippin on Sum Sizzurp beat) [06:16]
14.Big Pic, Sabwarfare, and Big Tiger - Freestyle (Fire It Up beat) [02:54]
15.Sabwarfare, Big Pic, and Paul Wall - Freestyle (Between Me and You beat) [04:49]
16.Big Tiger, Big Pic, A.D., and Lester Roy - Freestyle (The Eastsidaz beat) [04:42]
17.Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Freestyle (The Real Slim Shady beat) [03:23]
18.Sabwarfare - Freestyle [03:06]

Disc 5:

01.Slim Thug, Big Tiger, Archie Lee - Freestyle (Can't Deny It beat) [04:15]
02.J-Dawg - Freestyle [01:22]
03.Chamillion, Paul Wall, Lew Hawk - Freestyle (Set It Off beat) [03:09]
04.Slim Thug, Chamillion, Paul Wall, 50/50 Twin - Freestyle [07:22]
05.Big Tiger, Blyncyde - Freestyle (Do The Fool beat) [02:24]
06.Lil Flip - Freestyle (Chickenhead beat) [03:54]
07.Archie Lee, Lil Flip, Big Tiger, 50/50 Twin - Freestyle [05:25]
08.Michael Watts - Phone Skit [01:47]
09.Lil Mario - Freestyle (Batter Up beat) [02:16]
10.50/50 Twin, Paul Wall - Freestyle (Change The Game beat) [03:02]
11.Archie Lee, Michael Watts, Bird - Freestyle [03:23]
12.Chamillion, 50/50 Twin, Paul Wall - Freestyle (Ugly beat) [04:15]
13.Chalie Boy, Big Redd, Tite - Freestyle (Fiesta beat) [03:49]
14.Archie Lee, Sabwarfare - Freestyle (Fiesta beat) [03:42]
15.Blyncyde, Big Tiger - Freestyle [03:14]

Disc 6:

01.Michael Watts - Intro [01:06]
02.Mike Jones - Freestyle [05:55]
03.Lil Flip - Freestyle (Keepin It Gangsta) [04:49]
04.Slim Thug, Mike Jones, and Doodie - Freestyle (Got Me a Model beat) [05:39]
05.Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Freestyle (I Came To Wreck
06.Lil' Ron and Yung Redd - Freestyle (We Ready beat) [03:37]
07.Slim Thug - Freestyle (Turn Off The Lights beat) [02:02]
08.Mike Jones and 50/50 Twin - Freestyle (Victory beat) [02:38]
09.Magno - Freestyle [02:10]
10.Blyndcyde, Mike Jones, Big Tiger, and Magno - Freestyle [05:51]
11.Paul Wall and Chamillionaire - Freestyle (We Ballin beat) [03:22]
12.Mz. Trinity - Freestyle (Guess Who's Back beat) [01:30]
13.Magno and Mike Jones - Freestyle (Baby beat) [05:39]
14.Mike Jones - Freestyle (Call Me beat) [03:41]
15.Dirty South Rydaz - Freestyle (We Ready beat) [07:43
16.Liveola and Bino - Freestyle [03:29]

Disc 7:

01.Mike Jones, Magno, and Slim Thug - Freestyle (Hate In Yo Blood beat) [04:39]
02.Magno and 50/50 Twin - Freestyle [04:24]
03.Lil' Flip, Mike Jones, and Magno - Freestyle (Move Bitch beat) [03:52]
04.Chamillionaire and Paul Wall - Freestyle [03:35]
05.Magno - Freestyle [02:20]
06.PKT - Freestyle [02:26]
07.Mike Jones and Magno - Freestyle (Hey Ma beat) [03:52]
08.Yung Redd and Lil' Ron - Freestyle [04:13]
09.Mike Jones and 50/50 Twin - Freestyle (Good Times beat) [04:02]
10.Mike Jones and Magno - Freestyle (Holdin It Down beat) [04:12]
11.Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Magno - Freestyle (Rep Yo City beat) [05:10]
12.Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz - Start Some Shit [03:12]
13.Liveola, Lil' Ken, and Mark G - Freestyle [07:01]
14.Mike Jones - Freestyle (Gimme The Light beat) [02:42]
15.Mike Jones, Magno, and Young Dough - Freestyle (Guilty beat) [03:37]
16.Blyndcyde - Freestyle [01:44]

Disc 8:

01.Mike Jones - Freestyle (Ridin Spinners beat) [03:23]
02.Mike Jones and Magnificent - Freestyle (24s beat) [04:04]
03.Chamillionaire & Paul Wall - Freestyle (24s beat) [03:16]
04.Chamillionaire & Paul Wall - Freestyle (Da Bomb beat) [00:17]
05.Mike Jones, Magnificent, and Slim Thug - Freestyle (U Ballin beat) [05:28]
06.Unknown - Operation Shut Down [05:37]
07.Slim Thug - Freestyle (Light Ya Ass On Fire beat) [01:32]
08.Magnificent - Freestyle (Frontin beat) [01:09]
09.Mike Jones & Magnificent - Freestyle (Beautiful beat) [04:26]
10.Mike Jones & Magnificent - Freestyle (La La La beat) [03:06]
11.Too Short ft Lil Jon - Shake That Monkey [04:50]
12.Mike Jones - Dick Don't Fail Me Now Remix [03:27]
13.Lumidee - Uh Oh [02:35]
14.Magnificent - Freestyle (Uh Oh beat) [01:54]
15.Michael Watts - Skit [00:27]
16.Mike Jones and Roy Jones Jr. - Knockin Niggas Out [03:08]
17.Young Redd and Big Shasta - Freestyle (Damn beat) [04:28]
18.Mike Jones & Magnificent - Freestyle (Never Scared beat) [05:54]
19.Dirty South Rydaz - Freestyle [02:35]
20.Magnificent - Freestyle [04:11]
21.Unknown - I Love You Mary Jane [04:52]

Disc 9:


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I would say that Watts is fresh with this 9 cd collection but the songs are a bit older and chopped and screwed went out in 2005. Overall I like the Texas swagger but it's sort of played out now. i would have to give it a 6/10.


PopTrunk_N_Bang713's picture

fuck u

ur not from tex so u dont get it.
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Im from Sa tx

myspace.com/evansevan. I'm from sa tx an screwed an chopped will never get old bitch ass and this cd collection go hard I already had all them cds since 99 I collected them p.s peace to swisha house for geting lil young the first mexican in swisha house

Big Ups 2 Tx

Im from Florida and me and my people get down with Chopped Up Not Slopped Up real ni99a shit. Been down since i was a lil Jit. No DJ can beat 5000 Wattz. From Iraq to Texas showin Luv

this shit is crunk

this shit is crunk


On Disc 4 12.50/50 Twin, Al Bolden, Slim Thug, Sabwarfare, Big Tiger, and Paul Wall - Freestyle (Shut Up beat) [05:35] Anybody know who the original Artist who made that song? ___________________________ Itz Teezy Baby, I'm stackin' my chedda; I'm Packin' mo' Heat than a bill cosby sweater.
DjHighT913's picture

Big Ups

Big Ups to diabol1cal for putting this up. I didnt have the whole collection, and there are some classic cuts on here. O and screw hasnt played out and wont!
DjHighT913's picture

Big Ups

Big Ups to diabol1cal for putting this up. I didnt have the whole collection, and there are some classic cuts on here. On disc 4 song 12, thats Trick Daddy's "Shut Up" beat, Im not sure if you ever found that out homie. O and screw hasnt played out and wont!

Northside Series

The Choppin Em Up series is aight, but the Northside Series kills this shit, Watts chops the Songs too much on this shit, I know its called Choppin em up but god damn. I like the Northside series because its just slowed down and not chopped and the old school swisha house went even harder on that shit. Watts is cool and I got nothing but love for dude, but people only listen to his shit because Screw passed on, Screw would kill Watts in a real DJ battle, Screw used real turntables, Watts uses all that Digital CD shit. I'm not hating on 5000 Watts, nigga blew up, but I'm just keeping it real because I was listening to Screw long before Watts decided to jump on his dick. One............