Paul Wall - Ain't No 401K For A Hustler (2CD)

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2nd CD is chopped & screwed by Michael 5000 Watts

01.Michael Watts Paul Wall - Intro [00:37]
02.Paul Wall - Freestyle [03:07]
03.Paul Wall - Freestyle [04:55]
04.Paul Wall - Recognize A Playa [02:49]
05.Michael Watts - Checks in Pt.1 [00:24]
06.Paul Wall - Freestyle [02:52]
07.Slim Thug - Got A Problem [04:48]
08.Paul Wall Lil Keke - Break Em Off [04:18]
09.Michael Watts - Checks in Pt.2 [00:15]
10.Unknown - Finally [01:38]
11.Young Redd - Freestyle [01:44]
12.Paul Wall - Act A Foo [01:35]
13.Trick Daddy Birdman - Tuck that Ice in [05:07]
14.Paul Wall - Freestyle [03:19]
15.Lil Boosie - Freestyle [04:53]
16.E Calss Archie Lee - Freestyle [02:22]
17.Paul Wall - Freestyle [02:12]
18.Paul Wall - Hell Yeah Im the Shit [01:23]
19.Paul Wall - On the Grind [01:43]
20.Lil Scrappy Sean Paul E40 - Oh Yea (Remix) [05:00]
21.Michael Watts - Check in Pt.3 [00:29]
22.Robin Thicke - Lost Without You (Remix) [04:10]
23.Wonderous - This is Who I Am [03:03]
24.Tum Tum - Home of Da Gz [04:21]
25.Paul Wall - Leather So Soft [01:50]
26.Baby Huey - Pop Lock and Drop it [04:49]
27.Ludacris - Slappin A Nigga [05:31]

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thanks alot yall been waitin

thanks alot yall been waitin on this one HOT!!!!

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swisha house all day nigga

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another 401k?

didnt they already have a cd with the same name, paper chase 2k5 or something like that? i'm still gonna get it.

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yo paul wall spits fire man

yo paul wall spits fire man hes pretty underrated
but i heard people in houston dont give him no street cred i was wondering if this was true can any H-Town cats shed some light on the subject for me

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does any htown cats have

does any htown cats have some intel 4 me about this cat

Little to no street cred.

Paul Wall doesnt get any street cred. because when he came into the game Chamillionaire did EVERYTHING for him. Cham helped him learn how to freestyle and taught him the game. Even when they became "known" in Houston and were REALLY popular in the underground Chamillionaire still was Paul Wall's ghost writer and he wrote most of Paul Wall's songs and hits back in the day. Now hes all mainstream and shit im sure he still has someone else Ghost write for him thats why he gets almost no cred. in Houston just like "Who? Mike Jones" hes a gimmick rapper but he does have catchy beats.


Word? so cham has street cred then? "West coast shit aint hip hop. West coast shit is West coast gangsta shit"

Street Cred

He BeTTer Get Street Cred...Dont Matter White or Black If You Can Rhyme Like That Your Straight Fye


as far as gettin street

as far as gettin street cred, i wouldnt really kno. all i know is hes doin htown right, and thats wassup i stay blowin that doja knowm sayn