Rhymefest - The Manual


01 Who is Che? [Intro]
02 Coolness (Rhymefest) [prod. by Scram Jones]
03 Native Tongue Medley Pt 1 (Rhymefest) [prod. by Scram Jones]
04 Native Tongue Medley Pt 2 (Rhymefest) [prod. by Scram Jones]
05 Native Tongue Medley Pt 3 (Rhymefest) [prod. by Scram Jones]
06 Deal's A Deal (Rhymefest ft CL Smooth & Haffa) [prod. by Blick & Scram Jones]
07 Rhymefest vs Big Daddy Kane [prod. by Scram Jones]
08 Think About It! (Rhymefest ft Sadat X) [prod. by Scram Jones]
09 Tender Thug (Rhymefest ft Mike Payne) [prod. by Animal House]
10 SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese) (Rhymefest) [prod. by Scram Jones]
11 Wup Your Ass (Nice Peter) [prod. by Nice Peter]
12 Pulls Me Back (Rhymefest) [prod. by Matrax]
13 Party 4 Free (Rhymefest ft Gregg Nice) [prod. by Scram Jones]
14 Overpaid Lover (Rhymefest) [prod. by Scram Jones]
15 Exodus 5.1 (Rhymefest) [prod. by Animal House]
16 Goin In (Rhymefest ft Queen Latifah) [prod. by Dub Sonata]
17 Memory Lane (Doo Wop, Scram Jones & Nature) [prod. by Scram Jones]
18 Rhyme Slow, Rhyme Quick (Rhymefest ft Scram Jones) [prod. by Scram Jones]
19 Prove Myself (Rhymefest ft Haffa) [prod. by Scram Jones]
20 RNQ (Rhymefest) [prod. by DJ Premier]

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bout time someone upped some

bout time someone upped some real hiphop on this damn site.
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track 18 needs to be heard

track 18 needs to be heard by the world