P-Cutta - Art Of War #3

P-Cutta & production team UNI Can Make It Happen produced the
first NYC-style conscious mixtape series. Featuring thoughtful music
from some of hip-hop's foremost educators, thinkers & narrators, this
edition is co-signed by Ironman Ghostface Killah. More than 35 tracks
from Nas, Common, Planet Asia, Saigon, Little Brother & Mos Def, DJ
Green Lantern w/ deadprez/Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, Papoose...

1 - God’s Plan
2 - P-Cutta & Ghostface Intro
3 - Ankh Amen Ra feat. Bob Marley – Shot Down
4 - Army Skit
5 - Nas – Million March
6 - Ghostface – Momma
7 - Illinoise feat. Sade – U And I
8 - T.I. feat. Common – Good Life
9 - Ankh Amen Ra – Flying
10 - Illinoise – Fly Away
11 - Planet Asia – Gangsta, Gangsta
12 - Little Brother feat. Mos Def – Let It Go
13 - Bob Marley Skit
14 - T.I. – Live In The Sky
15 - Ankh Amen Ra – Kenya
16 - What Are You Gonna Do Skit
17 - Saigon – Contraband Pt. 2
18 - Ankh Amen Ra – Art of War Freestyle
19 - Illinoise – Scarface (produced by JB/UNI Productions)
20 - Black Star – Born And Raised
21 - Survive Skit
22 - Ryan Banks – I Pray
23 - Talib Kweli feat. Papoose – The Beast
24 - Common – Retrospect Life
25 - Talib Kweli – Ms. Hill
26 - Ankh Amen Ra – Feel How I Feel
27 - Chyna White feat. Lil Scrappy – Hurricane Katrina Tribute
28 - We Are Connected Skit
29 - Illinoise – Me & My Pad (produced by Beathowen/UNI Productions)
30 - Ankh Amen Ra – Mulu
31 - Illinoise feat. Falomi – Everything Is You (produced by Beathowen/UNI Productions)
32 - Chamillionaire feat. Papoose – Ridin Dirty RMX
33 - Born Black Skit
34 - DJ Green Lantern feat. Dead Prez, Immortal Technique & Saigon – Impeach The President
35 - Veks One feat. Akir – Close Ur Eyes
36 - Shadow – Do It All Again
37 - Ludacris – In The Depths Of Solitude (A poem written by Tupac Shakur)


this looks dope. bout time

this looks dope. bout time there was a conscious tape. too much bullshit on most of these tapes
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Bring It back!!!

If you are tired of rappers talking bout there guns, ice, bytches,cars, and how they will blow the next rappers brains out stand up. Hip Hop is going backwards, and so are we. "Hip Hop has took a wrong turn. MC's need to bring it back to the Roots"

Damn, some people...

I keep on noticing on every other page, in the comment area, all these comments of how some people hate on current hip hop music. If you really hate what hip hop is today as much as you say you do (this to all you haters), then just stop listening to it, and in my opinion, I think you shouldn't even visit web sites like this one any more. I guess you could say that this web site is a great place for people who like the newest hip hop, if that is what you don't like, then why do you come here? I personally like most new hip hop, not every single song, but there's allot of good hip hop being made right now. I guess you could say that's my opinion. I don't care what haters have to say, I bet allot of these people who make these comments are the same people that have been listening to hip hop for the last 4 or so years (this don't include those who have always liked hip hop, and never had a problem with it), and before listening to hip hop, didn't like hip hop at all, and since it got more and more popular, you felt like you had to listen to hip hop, because everyone else was. Stop complaining.
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fuckin right, lotta good shit ot rite now, u jus gotta seed out the bullshit
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whatd ya say

i'm sorry I was jus bangin this bad bitch in the back a my phantom with nothin but my chain on, an this ho told me ta hold a burna to her head while i hit it.
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Loocz like the real east is bacc

Been along time since brother worked it out like back nt he ol school. Maybe they can influence a new generation and hip hop won't get white wash away. If the sharks did not eat the little fish, the little fish would the shark.

Dope, one of the best

Dope, one of the best p-cutta mixtape ! Not the usual radio/dissing thing that p-cutta used to do to fill up mixtape time.


Actually I ment to make this a reply to a message, my bad.
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It looks good... but the torrent isn't working for me.. :-(

Where can I download this? I

Where can I download this? I can't find it in the Mixtape Torrent section.

dope ghostface is real tight

dope ghostface is real tight

just all wu tang is the best

wu tang is the best inc.members i love them all nobody is better wu tang wu tang wu tang wu tang wu tang i cant wait when thay will come to holland again only it will be never the same whitout ol´dirty bastard that was my man!!


where the torrent link at?

Unauthorized Exclusive

Post notice: Coming soon! Exclusive True Crime Saga from Buffalo's slums.


Where is da damned torrent :S