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Osamede ( Meaning God Crowns You) is the son of a Nigerian father and Dominican mother. Born in the Bronx, spent his first 5 years in Nigeria and returned back to the States residing in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn NY. His parents owned a store catered to aficionados of the arts, his cousin was a DJ & his Sister was a huge music fan. So with music in his midst by age 6 he started piano lessons, by age 8 he started writing lyrics as poems. Then came performing art lessons, gymnastics, drum practice and art classes.

Accepted as an art major at LaGuardia High school for performing arts at age 12, he also became well known as a young DJ/Rapper/Breakdancer. His rep of being a good student got him in a scholarship program and summer gigs on Wall street as a teen. Before graduating, Osa and friends created a group that would become underground notables, The AmountBoyz (ABZ): a Dance/Music crew, doing shows, radio interviews, endorsement deals, MTV, BET, etc. With much collective success under their belts, including background performances/touing with Madonna, Diddy, Missy etc.

Osa took anther path enrolled at Oswego State University for Business & Marketing. While there he held down his own radio show mixing new hit songs with his songs and performed throughout Campus. Went on to graduate with a Bachelor's before the age of 21. After graduating, ABZ released 2 CD's and 1 DVD collectively, selling thousands of copies. He also worked at several record labels and media companies learning the ropes of the industry, preparing him to be both an Artist and a keen prospective entertainment business figure. Shortly after with the support of his ABZ crew, Osa moved to Los Angeles and never looked back, He has slew of mixtapes out right now starting with the IRapper series (Vol 1-3) and his current release Crowned. He is destined to do great things in this industry a Prince taking his throne.

01 Crowned
02 The Blast
03 My Favorite Ft. Mateo
04 Know My Name Ft. Robert Cruz
05 Plan B - She Said
06 Make Your Move Ft. Cali
07 Everything Good
08 Violets & Roses Ft. Andrea Lewis
09 Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick
10 Ridin' Solo
11 The Blast Remix Ft. Doampeace

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Wow. 5/5

OSA reminds me of Lupe Fiasco, the late Dolla, or Mickey Factz, depending on the track. He's just not as lyrically profound as Lupe or Mickey Factz, but he has some nice bars ("dude's gettin' weak early...Monday").
Dude has a sick flow that easily adapts to the ridiculously fresh production he has behind him.
Speaking of which, shit's amazing. In each track, there's like a standout instrument (i.e. a violin, bass guitar, a bitchass flute, etc.) or a standout, unknown feature (lmao I swear, on this one track, I heard an opera singer providing some ad-libs, lmao not that Jeezy shit, but some Charlotte Church break a fuckin' window pane-type shit).
Lmao wait, is this guy British? Or of British descent? Wtf? Is that someone else lol? Listen to track #5. He possesses that Play-Doh flow.
Definitely, worth a listen.
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i completely agree^Fuck You^

i completely agree^Fuck You^
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I dig it

The production is really good, im going to give it a lil higher of a rating because of that, the dude that worked on them stepped out of the BS beats and put some work into it instead of just sittin at a computer hooked up to a Korg pad and push out some more Shitty computerized shit, OSA is not that bad, he could work on his delivery.
6.5/10 it's probably something you gotta listen to a few times to like it.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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Good call on the production.
Yeah and that was another dude, "Plan B". I jus got lazy n didn't feel like reading the track names, just selected the album on Winamp, pressed play, and badabing badaboom da job's complete lol. Wow, and that bar wasn't even his, that was a bar from someone from Digable Planets. My bad yall.
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This shit aight, he need to

This shit aight, he need to put some more work into it. He got some nice vocals and shit but he really need to step his game up, vocals kept me in some of his tracks, 4/10 Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

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I thought this was 50 after his weight loss.
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