DMX Signs With Columbia Records

DMX announced Friday that he has come full circle and signed a deal with Sony Music.

X released his first-ever single "Born Loser" on Sony's Columbia Records in 1992, and on Friday (January 13), he held a press conference where he told attendees that there's no place like home.

"It's an honor to be back at a record label that feels more like a home," X — who was surrounded by dogs, motorcycles, newly appointed Ruff Ryders President Swizz Beatz, a dozen leather-jacket-sporting Ruff Ryders and others — said. "I feel like Sony appreciates good music from a talented artist. Once again, I look forward to belonging to someone's home."

X only put out one song on Columbia before leaving the label. Toward the end of the '90s, he signed with Def Jam and became a superstar. His tenure with that label ended bitterly last year when the release of his album, Here We Go Again, kept getting delayed — that LP still has not seen the light of day.

X — who was released from prison early on good behavior late last month — said that being signed to Def Jam initially was a dream come true. "It was really special, it was a blessing because I was invited to a home," X said. "But they sold the house on me. They left me with people that didn't give a f--- about me. It left a bad taste in my mouth for the industry, period. [But] I'm doing what I'm here to do — good music."

X said his new album is hot and didn't deserve to keep getting pushed back, and worked to sort out the situation with the label's president: his friend Jay-Z.

"I gotta respect Jay-Z because he did the only real thing he could in that position," X said. "He said, 'Yo listen, I don't want to [hold you back]. Just take the album and we'll let you go,' " X said. "I respect that move."

He had been concerned about trying to continue his contentious relationship with the label now that his friend had been appointed president. "Because of our history, I felt it wasn't gonna work," X continued. "We have a really good relationship. Even though we don't see each other that often, when we do see each other, I'd be genuinely happy to see him. I felt it would put a strain on our relationship, having your man in charge of your sh--."

X plans on putting out a revamped Here We Go Again in May or June, and although he has been back in the studio with Swizz — including a new single called "We in Here" that should hit the streets soon — he wants to use a lot of the material he had from the original version of the LP.

"I added more joints, but my music is timeless!" he enthused.

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