Do you like's New Design?

56% (2674 votes)
9% (412 votes)
35% (1666 votes)
Total votes: 4752

new design

havent quite figured out the new design yet

It'll make more sense by the

It'll make more sense by the end of the day, I'm still setting everything up :)

Yea I Like It a lot better than the old one

Yea I Like It a lot better than the old one, its a little confusing but it isnt finished so its understandable. Oh Yea Homie if you need any help with graphics I got skillz so Holla Back!


fuck how the page looks like! just the mixtapes work!

melquan's picture is the is the Shit! This is the hottest site out! Thanks for the Mixtape Summaries... Keep up the Good Work! -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"

hell yeah this site is

hell yeah this site is dope... nuff respect to mfizzel 4 keepin us up 2 date with the latest mixtapes also props 4 the covers & track listings i'm a moderator on a hip hop site here in OZ so i know how much work goes into this.... peace braydead

Good job

Sites tight, best hip hop site i ever been on. But you should let us make new topics in the Vote Now! thread. Oh, and somthing to let us rate the mixtapes like 1-5star rateings so we all know whats hot and a waste of downloading time.
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I agree TipStylez a rating system would be a great idea, because I cant stress enough how many times I have downloaded a mixtape, burnt it onto a CD because it was so hyped-up and realized that I have another "coaster" and I know I speak for everyone when I say that the video section can do with an overhaul; can you say "Who wants to watch a video on Spider Loc..ahahahahha...anyways, PROPS Mfizzle for the link on these tapes and keep it up with your "up-to-dateness" :)..Maybe you can charge for people to download official albums, I know there is laws and with the recent copyright infringement guidelines but just a thought, If an admin could hit me back I have a great "gameplan" on how you could work that!

luv this site

this site is tight the best out there!!!ON THIS SITE IT'S ALL ABOUT US THAT'S RIGHT US AND I LUV IT!!!! Keep Up The Good Work We Need To Make Sure That Every Mixedtape On This Site Works And Also Help Each Other With The Request PLEASE SEED!!!! MAKE SURE YOU SEED!!!!

From Colombia

Que pasa esta pagina es la mejor para los mixtapes
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Itiswhatitis...Ya feel

Itiswhatitis...Ya feel me



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I like the new layout better but it really doesnt matter what it looks like just as long as the mix tapes keep on coming my way!

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6est hiphop site

dis site is the shit i think dis is the 6est hiphop site ive ever been on

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With omperv! Merry Christmas!


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Dont like the new desighn

Dont like the new desighn. Where is the calender?