Lupe Fiasco: Touch The Sky (Mixed By DJ E.NYCE)

Obsessed with fresh skateboards and unconcerned about what other emcees are about, Lupe Fiasco is on the leading frontier of hip-hop's progressive new school. Representing Chicago's West Side, the 24-year-old has been hailed a leader of the new generation of conscious rappers unconcerned with guns, gangs and its empty glamorization.

You were likely first introduced to Lupe Fiasco upon hearing Just Blaze's addictive manipulation of Curtis Mayfield's horns from "Move On Up." Asked by Kanye West to anchor "Touch The Sky" (the 4th single from Ye's multi-platinum Late Registration), the Windy City's premier young rapper has since become one of the most buzzworthy emcees in hip-hop. Originally signed to Atlantic Records in 2004 after negotiations with Def Jam fell though, Lupe is nonetheless slated to release his major label debut alongside executiveproducer Jay-Z when he drops Food & Liquor later this year.

With a "peachfuzz buzz, but beard on the verge," Lupe is kicking and pushing his way to the top of hip-hop circles with clever lyrics, a skate-infused hip-hop style and a slew of co-signing hip-hop heavyweights that includes Kanye, Jay-Z, Ghostface, Pharrell and others. With Lupe already locking up deals for his own label (1st & 15th) and his own design/streetwear company (Righteous Kung Fu), the Sky is the limit for Lupe.

1 - Intro
2 - Hustlaz Song
3 - Twilight Zone
4 - Absolutely Fiasco
5 - Kick, Push
6 - Conflict Diamonds
7 - Touch The Sky feat. Kanye West
8 - Lupe Talks To The People
9 - 1st & 15th Is Back
10 - Lu Myself
11 - Tilted pt. 3
12 - Switch Science Project
13 - Spray Paint feat. Ghostface & Mike Shinoda (of Fort Minor)
14 - Outty 5000
15 - Lupe New York Love Interlude
16 - Dead Presidents Resurrected
17 - Ignorant Freestyle
18 - Happy Industries
19 - Lupe The Killer
20 - The Gorilla [produced by DJ Green Lantern]
21 - Lupe Exclusive Sneaker Interlude
22 - Gemini - Southside
23 - Shayla G - What You Talkin' Bout
24 - The Pen & The Needlz [produced by Needlz]
25 - Dear Fall
26 - Failure
27 - Jedi Mind Tricks
28 - MC Fly
29 - Lupe Outro


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good lookin out

i was wondering what all the fuss was about this kid, now i can hear for myself. appreciated fizzle.
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Dem Chi-Town boys are doing there thang. HOLLA BLACK, TRU-SELF "Hip Hop has took a wrong turn. MC's need to bring it back to the Roots"

hey i cant

hey i cant download this album can u help me.. theres no link to download

you can't download it

you can't download it because this is the Mixtape DIRECTORY, goto Mixtape TORRENTS to download

how can u download this and

how can u download this and where do u find it at?

where is mixtape torrent? i

where is mixtape torrent? i understand i at directory here and i need mixtape torrent, and i know how to get to mixtape torrents, but i cant find it there. can you and let me know or give me the link or something? thanks
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this is the illest dertiest most bumpin joint i have heard this year
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this is a good mixtape. its worth the time. But in MY OPINION i dont think its good enough to be bumpin in your car or other. MY OPINION means what i think about it. Yeah cause some people might think im hating on Lupe Fiasco.


M, u the man! new pap and the new lupe!!!!!!!!!!!! shiiiiiiiiit christmas came early! lol, dvd, i like that "OPINION", hahaha. Lupe is the shit though, his album is nuts, well the advance atleast. for sure not really something to ride to, more like just listen to and enjoy, or skate too! M, once again, thanks kid!
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Keep on Grindin' 'fizzle

Props homie. That was the fastsest download i ever had on here and bitcomet. This tape is dope, so many seeders...Peace. >> NEVER PLEAD GUILTY _.:LIL RA$KAL O.G:._

fkn awesome

i signed up just to give props. one of the best mixtapes ive heard
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Yeah I agree with you homeboy, I would feel like a fassi if i was bumpin this in my funny cause I was thinkin that exact same thing when I read your disrespect to Lupe 'cause he really does spit fire...but let him spit it in my house (with the windows closed and volume all the way down, so no one knows).. :)
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Fool your comment is funny. Thats how i listen to his shit. In my pad with low
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this kid

I'm really feelin this kid...fiasco isnt that bad, i like his style and his wording isnt that bad...we need more new rappers like this...Good luck to this kid ~Reem~

Shouldnt listen if ur ashamed...

man, i respect what u said meaner, but come on dude...u worry that much bout what someone might think of u cuz ur listenin to some actually GOOD rap? would u do the same for kwelie? common? mos def? dead prez? kanye? Lupe is fresh to death with his...if u gangsta, doesnt matter if u bump the bee gees...respect is earned not defined by the music u listen to. Kick, push and coooooaaaaaassssssstttt.
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Lupe is tight. This is a good mixtape. But its not something you can be bumping in your ride. I would bump 2pac and let the whole street know what im listening to. But not lupe. Sorry. No disrespect.
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yea I like that, I should have stayed around at that hip hop convention to listen to you spit, anyway the songs lyrically are on point but damn I know my system booms but I cant get any bass, even with that kick push joint witch I know bangs, anyway yup keep doing what u do.

I feel u

i feel what ur sayin in one sense, dvd, but i look at it like if im just drivin around and chillin i would listen to lupe, if i was gettin hype for somethin then id bump somethin else, but for me personally, my windows would be down and shit blarin, regardless for what im rockin. and my comment wasnt really towards u, it was towards the dude who said he would be a "fassi". lol. hold it down my nigga

Lupe's hot

Lupe aint bad, I like the new emergence of substantial hip-hop, but DJ Enyce is TERRIBLE! the worst mixtape DJ I've ever heard, I hate hearing his little trademarks and it seems like the quality is horrific, got nothing on Drama or even Whoo Kid, if Lupe had hooked up with Drama then he would have a banging mixtape
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I mean Lupe is doing his

I mean Lupe is doing his thing!!! The kid seems to know Hip Hop. He is not on that Bling Bling and Guns type rap. He is just flowing, I like dat. As for DJ Enyce I think that is one of the best things he could have done. A lot of times we just listen to the beat, and miss the joints that the MC's be trying to make. Just listen to track 6 Conflict Diamonds. The brotha spit some jewels (no pun intended)on that track. F*CK rappers like Loose Change (50 Cent) & Nelly. Lupe be spittin on a level that a lot of these kats need to mirror. As for riding in your car, no it the beats don't have that bang. Lil Jon my be the one to help him wit that. But the brotha is on a come up we can't front. I will pump it WORD for hip hop WORD!!! HOLLA BLACK, TRU-SELF "Hip Hop has took a wrong turn. MC's need to bring it back to the Roots"
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eeeeeeeeeee nyce!!!

E.Nyce spoils this entire fucking tape. constantly talking all over the intro's. He needs to take a leaf out of Envy's book man and shut the fuck up.
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yo whats good

anybody got this can ya get at me and send it to me appreciate that ya dig holla holla at cha man ya dig.....holla

good mixtape

good mixtape

Lupe Tha Shit

LUpe is cool But I sure dont need to hear that damn Dj cut in ten times louder than the cut itself. I hat e that crap. This CD would be the Shit if it wasnt for that stupid dj

Heard it was jumpin'...

Heard it was jumpin'...

this is fire to burn ear

this is fire to burn ear drums






I cant find the page that the torrent is on. What page is it? Please help me!!!!!!




sh*t is crazy

Love lupe

Been looking for this


im on mix tape torrent and cant download. theres no link