REPOST THIS IF U WANT IT !!!@!!!@!!!@ Tapemasters Inc. And Keyz - Rap City The Best Of The Booth 1 AND 2

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Tapemasters, Inc. and DJ Keyz team up again, to bring you this sequel and they gather 25 classic freestyles to put on this new mix. This has beat-jackings from Joe Budden, Kanye West, Young Jeezy, Mobb Deep, Memphis Bleek, Cassidy, 50 Cent, Jim Jones, Cam'ron & Juelz Santana

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I Want Them Both
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hell yeah man send me that

hell yeah man send me that shit that shit is fire i heard

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Get back at me, want that..DLOHim


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yea where that at? lemme cop

yea where that at? lemme cop that

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Cheeaa..send em

Cheeaa..send em

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