DMX - The Dogz Mixtape: Who's Next?


01. DMX - Rock That Shit (feat. Vivanna)
02. DMX - Who's Next
03. DMX - Back That Azz Up (feat. Jay-Z, Ja Rule)
04. DMX - All About The Money (1993)
05. DMX - Rollin (feat. Limp Bizkit, Method Man, Redman)
06. DMX - Bust Money In The Head
07. DMX - Can't Touch Me Kid
08. DMX - It's On
09. DMX - Some X Shit
10. DMX - Getting Down (feat. Big Stan And Kashmir)
11. DMX - Un-Hunh! (feat. Jadakiss)
12. DMX - Go For Dat
13. DMX - Innocent Man (feat. Mark Morrison)
14. DMX - Finale
15. DMX - It's A King Thing
16. DMX - Niggas Don't Want It (feat. Ja Rule )
17. DMX - The Dark Is Here (feat. KRS One)
18. DMX - What It Be
19. DMX - Cats Don't Know
20. DMX - Who We Be RMX (feat. 2Pac)
21. DMX - Changes Remix (feat. 2Pac)
22. DMX - Let's Get It On

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Yeyeye some gd Shi on the road....DMX dope artist defo gone dl dis shi even if it is old or new...i kno dis gone be HOT. DMX=Fire
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Shi mayne DMX used t be dope wtf is dis mix doin?! there some dope old songs n few new gd songs...a bit disappointed i expect better frm X. der still some iite songs.
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Is this good

I'm not really a DMX fan or ruff riders not that they succ i jus neva liked them except 4 Drag-on but if this is good i'll download it i jus dont like downloading 6ullshit on my computer cuz all my mixtape i got from this site is hard like Ransom 6est in da city 2 and Uncle Murda 2 hard 4 hiphop + Joe Budden Mood Muzic 3 that shit is HOT checc that 1 out cuz

Not really

I wouldn't DL this. I've heard this mixtape before, it looks official but it's not. It's just a compilation of "rare" tracks and remixes. The best track is that DH Changes blend but that "Back That A** Up" remix is one of the WORST I'VE EVER HEARD! Long story short cuz.....NOT WORTH THE DL. "You hearda me dirty, I be up early wit' da pidgeons/ and you're neighbors be here wit' me too, listenin' through the kitchens" -Juvenile Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1