Cutmaster C - The Hood News (Kill All Rats)

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01 50 Cent vs Camron - Intro 05:12
02 50 Cent - Speaks Again 00:12
03 50 Cent - Funeral Music (Dissin Camron) 03:32
04 Cocaine City DVD Meets with True 03:44
stories DVD - Expose a Rat
05 French - Freestyle 03:55
06 Styles P - Speaks With 50 Cent 08:43
(1st Time)
07 DJ Khalad Feat. LiL Wayne T.I Fat Joe 04:27
Baby and Akon - We Takin Over
08 Beanie Sigel Cassidy Fabolous - U 03:58
Already Know
09 Tru Life - Speaks to Cutmaster C 01:30
10 Rich Boy Feat. Jim Jones Game and 05:55
Andre 3000 - Throw Sem D's (Remix)
11 Jim Jones - Speaks on 50 Cent and 01:56
12 Young Buck, Tony Yayo - MVP 02:05
13 Riia - Speaks to DJ Rat Mike 00:17
14 Mobb Deep - 1 Million 2 Million 02:47
15 Memphis Bleek - Speaks to Cutmaster C 01:12
16 Memphis Bleek - Get Away 02:23
17 Gotti - Speaks on DJ Rat Mike 00:36
18 Chris Brown, Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne 05:01
- Poppin Remix
19 Maino - Speaks On Red ???? 02:51
20 Red Cafe, Newz, Avion - Bang Out 03:32
21 Tony Yayo, Snoop, Mazadardi Fox - Dead 04:49
22 RIAA - Speaks to DJ Rat Mike 00:17
23 Juelz Santana, LiL Wayne - Freestyle 04:20
24 Maino - Speaks On Bleek 00:35
25 Memphis Bleek - Thinking of a 02:03
26 Maino - Talking about DVD awards 01:55
27 Maino - DVD Awards Shocker 01:00
28 Gotti - Speaks about DJ Rat Mik 00:34

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TRACK07 - dis track B a club banger! hardout....

Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

finalement la France est a sa poste

finalement la france sera reconnue en Amerique et partout au monde
......... que allez vous dire maintenant les en foirer de merde?

it's southern take ova bitches
Atlanta, Houston, Charleston, Greenville, Miami, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Texas and Little Rock stand up!!!!!! .ht

hotChoklat's picture

ahhh fuck

im over this camron/g-unit beef already its been such a letdown, cam's first track was utter trash with his flow all over the place, takin breaths in the wrong places and fillin up bars with shit and with lots of feedback sounding like he recorded it in a ghetto booth.
And now we gotta endure like 100 beef tapes, with 4 tracks that are 'exclusives' and another 22 that are a month old?
Thanx for the upload but im really starting to hate how stupid the rap game is...its like making more and more sense why The Roots, Q-Tip, Common, Hi-Tek, Talib, Lupe ya know all them real ppl who stay away form hardcore lyrics and do real rap dont get as much fame as they should. I aint hatin on the club banger creators cos i love that shit but i am hatin on the hardcore lyricists who are using an image they dont have so they can appeal to an audience who cant relate to pushin crack except on their computers.
I might be wrong tho and maybe this beef will get better..doubt it tho. But hey I'm still getting this tape


don't hold your breath on it getting better. Cam is just going to be a let down and no matter what 5-0 does it's just going to be some incredibly fake shit.