New Jay-Z, Green Lantern Mixtape In The Works

Hov also announces that himself and Green Lantern are working on a mixtape entitled the Presidential Invasion Mixtape. Which promises all new joints and exclusive freestyles that won't be featured on the album, Kingdom Come; a street mixtape for the people. “I’ve got this one joint, wooooow. I wanna put it on the album it’s so crazy. But it’s not really my track,” Jay reveals to Hot 97.



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finally, a big name mixtape i can look forward to. i hope he dont pull a sellout like marshall and put this shit to retail...

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big name mixtape ?

i cant wait for the new clinton sparks mixtape with eminem...its the anneverisy of shade 45, it features lloyd banks. there is a intro to it on clinton sparks myspace...its sounds gd.

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marshall mixtape = retail

there is no reason to get excited about an eminem mixtape, because all that will happen is that you will be waiting for it and waiting for it and then he will see how much attention a mixtape is getting and he will be like, "hey, why dont i make this a retail album and get paid again..."
sorry, but i just cant let this RE-Up shit go, damnit.

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once again, a know nothing

once again, a know nothing in the hip-hop world. "south", are you serious? you hope he doesn't make it retail? tell me why he would do that when he has his coming out of retirement cd dropping in three weeks? you guys need to think before typing. and as far no big name mixtapes, well, i guess lil wayne, juelz santana, young buck and every other major mc that gets with drama, boogie, smallz haven't dropped a mixtape recently. man, go listen to diddy's new cd if you want commercial.

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james181 you dumbass...

why dont you read my post more completely before you go sticking my "name" in your keyboard, you complete retard. i was refering to Em making his mixtape, The Re-up, a retail album. why dont you step your reading game up playa? and no, i dont consider juelz or buck big-time artists, their mixtapegame is tight but you gotta release more than 2 real albums to be big-time. a couple of hot tracks dont mean you have staying power. and when the hell did i mention anything about looking for something commercial or something by diddy?

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first of all, saying buck

first of all, saying buck has "a couple hot tracks" when case dismissed is up for tape of the year makes no sense. juelz has been out for oh, 5 or so years, so i do consider those two major mcs. and you say they have to release more than two retails to be big time? guess you've never heard of m.o.p., big l, and well, if you really want to go mainstream, the game and 50, two of the most overhyped "big time" mcs ever, are only on, you guessed it, their second retail album each. back to the point, you said you hoped they didn't make jay's new tape retail like em did, which still makes no sense at all, because jay-z is releasing kingdom come, leaving him no reason to make a tape of his retail. eminem has no album coming out, making the re-up, a better decesion to go retail. i don't think you can call me a retard when i just disproved every point you tried to make. comeback?

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ur missing the point

you obviously didnt understand where i was coming from. it went over your head, this was never about who is a hot artist... you've like broken off into your own little world. i guess i have no "comeback" for you, because i dont even know why you even started talking about other rappers in the first place when i was commenting on eminem and jay...

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james181 wrote:
i don't think you can call me a retard

you're still a retard for spending time talking to this guy

south wrote:
why dont you step your reading game up playa?

What the fuck is a reading game? you should be punished for that shit

Drop this and shut up pleaseee - the clinton sparks mixtape won't go/didn't go retail cos its part of clinton sparks smashtime series and its not like you two are gonna fight

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hahaha that was funny. i

hahaha that was funny. i liked it. diddy......blah

man this mixtape gotta be

man this mixtape gotta be fire.. u heard the " corporate takeover" straight fire.. am lookin forward for this mixtapes.. the king is back

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You heard the Hot97 Grammy Night? the full "corprate takeover", yo hov is killin shit out here, return of the king. What it do SuperMan?

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