*EXCLUSIVE* Jay-Z - Cooperative Takeover

Special preview from the upcoming Jay-Z & Green Lantern Presidential Invasion Mixtape

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shit is raw...is this off of

shit is raw...is this off of hot97? considering it is edited?


he needs to stay retired.

he needs to stay retired.

U a dumb ass

Fuck you nigga. You wouldn't know good music if it bit yo dick off. If you don't like jay don't ruin the good news for the rest of us. keep yo hatin ass comments to yourself you dumb bitch. I hate you mutherfuckers that always got some dumb wrong incorrect shit to say. Jay aint focus on you punk gay dick in ass bitches and he doing this for his real fans.

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Not sure why some people are

Not sure why some people are hatin on Jay, if you don't like him.. keep quiet..

If u aint got nothing postive to say about the guy, keep quiet. shh
Try Told You I Was Hot

on some reeeeaaal shit

i gotta agree, if u dont like jay z why did u click on the link of jay z? if i see an artist i dont like i just dont bother with it, i have other shit to do


it's generally some wigger faggot that bumps rick ross in his car and thinks he's cool, picking up other wigger girls from his school so now he too can say "i'm a pimp" the way T.I. does.....sound far-fetched??? well, it's true... they dont listen to real hip hop and they dont know what jay really did for hip hop.... prolly a buncha 12 year olds that were still on their mom's titties when reasonable doubt came out.....

The fuck did Jay do for hip

The fuck did Jay do for hip hop!? Steal the ROC from Dame? Come out with a fuckin lame album every other month? Or try to be biggie? Or stealin songs from Pac (i.e. me and my girlfriend which tupac spit about his gun, and J actually made it bout his girlfriend)? Is that what he has done, cuz thats all about Ive seen. The same guy that says he is the best rapper, but gets murdered by Nas. JayZ is about as good as your shitty cubs did in 06...Maybe we post shit like this cuz we tired of hearing this false ass nigga sounding like a damn dying duck when he spits. Fuckin false claimin 80s baby when every1 knows he was born in the 70s...FUCK J, STAY RETIRED

People are entititled to

People are entititled to their opinions and I respect them so I will not say anything negative about yours, but here is mine.

1. Business is Business I dont know what went down, I like Dipset, but stop w/ the stealing ROC from Dame.

2. Lame album every other month, check the track record. He has two classic albums (Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint) when most shitty rappers can't claim one.

3. Everyone "bites" other ppls stuff, especially from Biggie and Pac and from Jay especially hooks of songs. He adressed that anyway in "What More Can I Say?" (check the Black Album)

4. Who cares if he took an idea from Pac This leads back to statement 3. I could be wrong here so don't flame me, but was "I Gave You Power" (that is Nas for the idiots who know nothing. Check "It Was Written")
before "Me and My Girlfriend"

5. Yeah Nas got him, I wouldn't say murdered however. YEah Ether is hellacious on any level, but "Blueprint2" over "Last Real N**** Alive." That is just what was released mainstream. and who is working for who now, getting there album pushed back so Jay can promote himself. (That is the only thing I hate Jay for he only promotes himself)

6. Who cares when he was born. dude is still best ever IMO and shows the mark of a true artist by changing w/ the times, every album sounds differant. He also plays to the mainstream (or sells out for some people) and puts out heat that continues to get him PAID and I do not fault him for that. That is all I got, and it was all my opinion, I am not trying to push it on anyone else, sorry for writing an essay but I am out.

You speak the truth

I agree with you whole heartdly. I hate when people say ignorant shit about jay and don't know shit about shit. i can see you know alot and i thank you for publishing that.

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wow ..

jay iz like tha best of all time , he did alot for hip hop !
unless you are cam or dame , i really dont know how any one could hate ???? blows my mind .

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Its funny how some ov u guys r sayin jay aint shit, he dun nutin 4 hip hop n all dat but MTV recently label him as the greatest rapper ov all time.Arguebly not true but he has been the most consistent rapper. Me personally i dont really listen 2 him but im jus goin off facts. So all you dikriders tryin 2 slay jay go buy an autobiography or suttin.


you dont bite someones shit

you dont bite someones shit at the level of tupac when tupac made numerous comments dissing jay-z. that is most disrespectful thing a rapper has ever done to pac or big. jay-z gave no props to pac and just played it off as if they were cool throughout his lifetime. jay-z should have a fraction of the respect he has now. he WAS a good mc. look at his last 6 years of rapping, weak. he should have been publicly humiliated for jacking pacs song, not just biting, but taking the whole concept and course. if he would have done that durings pacs life with deathrow still having power it would have been his life over big's.

like nas said, FUCK JAY-Z!

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Hey Mr. Makaveli!

look Pac, you can't call out Hov for this - then big up Nas. Pac didn't like Nas either, and they had a few songs together after Pac died. As a matter of fact, Pac didn't like anyone before he died! Jay has said several times, he only does what hip hop culture does, which is sample. To incorporate someone elses rhymes with yours, when done correctly, is a beautiful thing. and enough of this bickering, one of you NY cats go get this Presidential Invasion tape and post it!!!!

god damn

hova is back i like this mafacka is the best h.o.v.a don't mess with me mayne


why do you talk like a faggot??? can you answer me this?