MIDIMarc - A Tribute To Michael Jackson (Instrumentals)


1. James Brown Intro
2. Maria
3. A Child's Heart
4. Interview 1
5. We've Got Forever
6. I'll Never Let You Down
7. Lady Of My Life All Over
8. Human Nature
9. I Wanna Be Where You Are
10. Baby Be Mine
11. Butterflies
12. Aint No Sunshine
13. Bonus Track - Hollywood - I Want To Be Famous (Tru Hollywood Stories Part 1 Coming Soon)
14. Bonus Track - L'Daialogue - Da Shape Of Ya' (InDAIPendent Coming Soon)
15. Top Billion - Off The Head (You Need Soul Coming Soon)

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i might catch some heat for

i might catch some heat for this but, fuck michael. yeah i understand he pioneered some shit but dude still did them kids wrong and even if he didnt im tired of seein him everywhere at this point... mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...


SMH.... My beats are better than yours

opinions are like assholes

opinions are like assholes everybody got asshole