DJ Jazzy Jeff & Michael Jackson - He's The King, I'm The DJ


1 Lady In My Life
2 Ain't No Sunshine
3 Break Of Dawn
4 Never Can Say Goodbye
5 Never Can Say Goodbye Ffej Remix
6 Got To Be There
7 Rockin' Robin
8 Maybe Tomorrow
9 We've Got A Good Thing Going
10 Butterflies
11 2 4 6 8 Mj_Pete Rock Mix
12 Abc Mix
13 Human Nature
14 Human Nature_Right Here Mix
15They Don't Care About Us
16 You Rock My World Mix
17 I'll Be There Ffej Remix
18 Darling Dear
19 Heartbreak Hotel
20 I Want You Back_Jump Mix
21 It's Great To Be Here
22 I Wanna Be Where You Are
23 Man In The Mirror Mix
24 I Can't Help It_Breakadawn Mix
25 Quincy Speaks_Liberian Girl Mix
26 Another Part Of Me
27 Can't Let Her Get Away
28 Remember The Time
29 Blood On The Dance Floor
30 She Drives Me Wild
31 Keep It In The Closet
32 Why You Wanna Trip On Me
33 Dangerous
34 Blame It On The Boogie
35 The Love You Save
36 Rock With You Mix
37 Billie Jean
38 Bad
39 Black Or White
40 Thriller
41 Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)
42 Off The Wall
43 Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
44 Wanna Be Starting Something
45 Somebody's Watching Me
46 Can You Feel It
47 Pyt (Pretty Young Thing)
48 Going Back To Indiana
49 Ben

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very good !!!!

great m.j mixes

One of the best mixtapes.....

One of the best mixtapes.....
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Thank you Jazzy...U are the epitome of what the DJ and MC days used to, and should be. Greatest Hip Hop DJ ever... His performance on Hip Hop Honors with the "hard as hell" scratch brought me back to the day of DJ & MC's. Saw you live in L.A. in were the shit my nig...keep up the good work....if anyone has a copy of Jazzy Jeff plays Jassanova from Germany, please holla at's the shit... Jazzy, as a DJ, you were my idol {no homo} DJ love
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Well this a good way to fuck all MJ songs. With all this bullshit azz 1 minute long blends. I hate blend mixtapes. Ya broke azz niggaz go cop the real deal and stop satifying yourself with shit like this.
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tell austin miles to FIX HIS FACE hahahaha, act like you dont know what i mean LMAO, that is one ugly ass muthafucka, i know you seen him at the end of that game smiling on the sideline looking like some kind of horse lol, i was like DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, anyway its a FLUKE screw, the guy isnt that good, just an average reciever, nobody knows who he is yet, thats why he is getting so open, it will all end soon, you'll see, i see you wasted no time jumping on his nuts though LOL, are ya'll really that desperate for a reciever lol?
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Who cares about how nigga face look, Im just glad we have someone to take T.O's spot. I couldnt wait for the Cowboys to get rid of that fucking clown! He should of stayed in Philly where he belongs. ...And aint nobody jumpin on his nutz but you homeboy. Quit hatin on how his face looks cuz u sound mad homo CHUMP!

Brilliant CD, I'm enjoying

Brilliant CD, I'm enjoying listening to MJs music with a little Hip Hop twist, thank you Jazzy Jeff and Mfizzel for creating and sharing this package of great music. Peace Homies Kim

Thanks Waterdawg, re: the

Thanks Waterdawg, re: the info on the Hip Hop Honors, i'm getting it now.
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Wait wait wait..

This shit is actually pretty damn good, imma actually bump this friday around town and see what reaction i get lol.
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