DJ Drama & Don Cannon - Asher Roth : The Greenhouse Effect (AKA The Greatest Mixtape Ever)

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01.Start The Show (prod. by Kanye West).mp3 3.86 MB
02.Roth BOYS (prod. by Diddy, Sean C, and L.V).mp3 6.80 MB
03.humansirkme (prod. by Studio 44).mp3 5.36 MB
04.DJ DRAMA - SeeMe.mp3 2.43 MB
05.CANNON!!! (prod. by Don Cannon).mp3 6.21 MB
06.Black Mags Remix (prod. by Chuck English).mp3 3.52 MB
07.Mr. Me 2 (prod. by Pharrell Williams).mp3 4.87 MB
08.Battle Me (prod. by Sha Money XL and Dr. Dre).mp3 4.59 MB
09.Rub on Your T_tties (prod. by Oren Yoel).mp3 6.46 MB
10.DJ DRAMA - SawYou.mp3 2.33 MB
11.The Sun God Free (prod. by Hi Tek).mp3 4.28 MB
12.The Lounge (prod. by Novel).mp3 7.53 MB
13.JUST LISTEN (just Asher).mp3 3.56 MB
14.Morning Do (prod. by Timbaland).mp3 5.42 MB
15.Demonic (prod. by Nate _Danja_ Handz.mp3 4.50 MB
16.Gimme your Box feat. the roomates (prod. by Nate _Danja_ Handz).mp3 6.89 MB
17.Keep Bouncing feat. the roomates (prod. by Will.I.AM).mp3 5.27 MB
18.DJ DRAMA - thedailyKUSHdotcom.mp3 2.10 MB
19.DEY KNOW ASHER (prod. by Balis Beats).mp3 5.23 MB
20.Morris Roth (prod. by Andre 3000).mp3 5.43 MB
21.Cartoon Chick (prod. by Disco D...RIP).mp3 4.94 MB
22.StopWaitingOnTheWorldToChange feat. John Mayer (prod. by John Mayer and Steve Jordan).mp3 4.55 MB

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i might get a couple songs off this....just cuz tha cover is jokes!!!4:20 to tha hizead!!!

this guy has a sick

this guy has a sick flow! sounds a bit like eminem

fuck this dude trying to

fuck this dude trying to bite ems style

your fuckin stupid this kids

your fuckin stupid this kids twice as good as faggot-ass eminem

fuck this dude trying to

fuck this dude trying to bite ems style
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Em's style....

lou26 wrote:
fuck this dude trying to bite ems style
Isn't necessarily even his style. He wasn't the first person to rap like that (white or otherwise), only the first to get on the radio like he did. The one thing about him that should be truly celebrated is his contrbution to the rap community to HELP pave the way for OTHER rappers like him to make it. I'm not bashing Em, just stating a fact. Isn't that what it's supposed to be about to begin with? If you like Em's style so much, and this guy has his style, why not give it a spin? It might be good. Don't discredit everything you hear because it sounds like something else. There's nothing original about 90% of the rappers on the scene right now. So what's wrong with this guys efforts? Drama is usually putting out fire, so I can't wait to hear what this dude has to say.


YEAH FUCKING HATERS this guy spit some sick shit on rapcity one time when drama was promotin em n shit

dont get pist cause that

dont get pist cause that dude got a deal and u dont. jus ask ur mom. thanks, the smell u dont like

Good lookin'

Good lookin'

man ur a fuckin tool man ash

man ur a fuckin tool man ash has got a smooth flo eaven em said it himself he likes the kid..n he can flo... and if u hatin ash what the fuck u doin copin that tape ?

Awesome tips. I’ll be

Awesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure gold coast plant hire(

this is gay, the cover is

this is gay, the cover is gay, the rapper is gay all of it gay



re:this is gay

and ur not. ur jus sayin it cuz hes white now dont even deny

Asher Roth

This dude is insane,,,white boy has flow. WORTH DOWNLOADING PEOPLE!!!!!



If the fuckin cannon and

If the fuckin cannon and barakodrama be djin a mixtape ITS GONNA BE GOOD PRODUCTION and secondly a talnted cat behind it.

Da Kidds a Fuckin Monster

Ok put all your misconceptions aside and also the fact that evryone think he like Em.......Dude is fuckin stupid nice!!!!! Really Real Talk. Yea he similar to Em in that he a fuckin animal wit the wordplay / flow / rhymes. Mad props to the Kid. This is REAL Hip-Hop. I aint gonna get stupid wit it tho. Aint gonna say how dude is the greatest or how he nicer then EM. But he a monster all the same...................#1 **BTW this is from someone who fucks wit the likes of Kool G, Sai, Nas, Sean P, Talib K, Mos Def, Rakim, Jadakiss, Termanology, u get the picture righ???? ( Real Hip - Hop ) no fuckin Nelly diddy soulah boy crankin flow rider Bullshit

Jus D/L this shit if u fucks wit dat Real Hip Hop Shit

D/L dis shit............Some nice tracks here

dude is sick man! tight

dude is sick man! tight precise flows, my sean pennminship, omg this dude is crazy nice

I couldn't DL this my

I couldn't DL this my bittorrent program said "Bad file path component" and wanted to shut down... Anybody else with problems?

tested, it works....what

tested, it works....what program do you use?
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pretty hot tape that song

pretty hot tape that song cartoon chick is creative as fuck

Oh My God!!

this kid is crazy nice!!! His word play is unbelievable, I went to his web site and myspace page and could not believe these rhymes were coming out of this kid!!! I am floored...he is so underground but has huge commercial appeal especially with the whole skateboard movement!!! Hip-Hop fans this is a must download!!!!

Yo this mixtape is fucking

Yo this mixtape is fucking bangin. Download this now - this is that shit you want from Em hopefully this will make step his game up.

shits HOT!

shits HOT!


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Asher Roth is Garbage!!

the only thing this guy has in common with Em is his skin color and maybe, MAYBE!, a nerdy white guy voice on the mic. his lyrics, garbage. his delivery, weak. his style, there is none. very bland, very boring. there's no real reason to listen to this mixtape more than once. the fist time will be due to curiosity. then you'll be like me and wonder what the fuck these knuckleheads are talking about up in here. just to emphasize how terrible this mixtape is, i took time out from rolling my joint JUST so that i could login to this site and put my two cents in. horrible, waste of hard drive space. alright, i'm out!


My nigga, i'll co-sign that shit.. you know it's garbage when you put the weed on hold haha
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hes not great but...

hes ok i guess. some people like this kinda ish. personally, i dont see anything special about him. hes mad average as far as his delivery, punchlines, swagger, content and style

not bad

first things first, lower bucks county stand up! this shits decent. its not as crazy hot as alot of the heads are saying but it certainly isnt garbage like some of the other heads are saying. its very entertaining, much more than the snap/south songs that pollute our ears everyday. he's definitely got lyrics, thats for sure. if you need more cosignage, i seen some pretty major players back him up on his myspace on video - 3 Stacks is in his corner so.... oh, cannon or drama, if you read this and are lookin to "fill your white philly suburb rapper quota" (© Rapper Big Pooh, but flipped around)you need to peep my 2 brothas from anotha, MICrophone TONE and WHITE M.I.K.E representing Larceny Lansdale and Cock-Back Conshy respectively ...i love making my suburbs sound crazy hood, haha


C'MON NOW.BRA.MYSPACE.????????????


C'MON NOW.BRA.MYSPACE.????????????
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this kids a fag look at him

this kids a fag look at him haha lil rich white boy tryin to rap he needs to get off ems dick and get his own style how can anyone support this shit this bitch aint hip hop more like new kids on the block


dude isnt tryna steal ems style and if you listen to the tape hes not trying to say he goes hard or anything hes saying its a hobby and hes got sick flow so get educated brah

Im not your fuckin brah!!! I

Im not your fuckin brah!!! I said he was a fuckin fag and his shit was wack so why the fuck would I get educated you dumb shit you are fuckin stupid so if you dont like someone you wanna get to know more about them. Man just shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to your self
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It's stuff like this...

bigdawg187911 wrote:
Im not your fuckin brah!!! I said he was a fuckin fag and his shit was wack so why the fuck would I get educated you dumb shit you are fuckin stupid so if you dont like someone you wanna get to know more about them. Man just shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to your self
That makes ME glad I got an education. You need to keep your OPINIONS to yourself... unless you KNOW he's gay... DO YOU??? Ignorant, I swear...

If your so educated why the

If your so educated why the fuck you listening to hip hop go read a book or something. No I dont know hes gay but he sure looks like a fag to me but I can see you probably are cuz your on his dick so much that you can sit here and argue with me. Go do some homework brah.
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Just pointing out how ignorant your comments are. BTW... if you knew anything about hip hop you would realize it's an EDUCATED form of EXPRESSION put to MUSIC. I bet your favorite rapper and his favorite rapper can read just like me. Maybe you should give it a try.

WOW man you need to get a

WOW man you need to get a life if your replyin to my comments that fast are you sitting there waiting for me to argue with you??? What are you a chick??? Well I dont really feel like arguing with you all day if you need a friend you should have just said so. Btw im a hip hop baby I know more about hip hop then you will ever know sorry I only recognize real rap not this fake shit your probably some solja boy fan lil wayne groupie. Go find someone else to argue with cuz Im done. ASHER IS WACK

bigdawg, you are incredibly stupid.

It really amazes me to see how ignorant people can actually be. I find it hard to believe there are people out there that actually believe its cool to be stupid. BigDawg, you lost the argument and now you totally change the subject. This is a forum you retard, this is where people express their opinions, it doesnt make you a loser to post on this shit. Do you actually understand the thoughts that are produced by your own brain? You basically said "Fuck you educated people, i bet educated people, such as yourself, listen to shitty southern music, but uneducated people, such as myself, listen to real hip hop, whatever that may be". I don't expect your reading level to be high enough to argue against this, so if you don't respond, i won't care. Although, if you do respond, please use proper punctuation. Thanks :)
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That's why I stopped posting back to this dude.... I work from home, so I DO have the time to sit and wait for his responses. What was funny is that he had the same time to respond back and fourth to me.... then tried to blast me for the same thing. Thanks for having an intelligent post.

I heard a few trax but I

I heard a few trax but I couldn't finish it cuz theres WAAAY too many sound effects, a lil more than usual but thats their thing. Plus without drama n cannon on the cover, most people wouldn't hear his dude so at least he's promoting it the right way...AAND its free! Tha few tracks I did hear were ok but its not my type of rap...I'm from Texas. I'll finish the rest of the cd later. And just to piss yall off cuz it aint been mentioned yet...LIL WAYNE!!

Why do people put

Why do people put that-- 01)Name of song 02)"" 03)"" etc. on mixtapes? When I put this on my iPod, all the sudden this mixtape is the #'s 1-whatever, and when you take the numbers off it puts the mixtape in alphabetical order. Please stop putting numbers in front of the track names, it serves no purpose!! That being said, the kid's pretty nice. Though on some of the tracks (esp. the ones where he's just talking) he sounds exactly like Em.

white boy can spit... due 2

white boy can spit... due 2 his appearance sadly i dnt think he'll blow but dude is definitely more talented than 99% of rappers out

I couldn't make it through

I couldn't make it through the whole tape when I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I thought it was boring, the beats they chose were token and over-used singles, and the guy had no real presence or content. I'm guessing they paid mixtape torrent to put it at the top of the page.

Asher Roth

First of all Dj Drama You aint Dre and Asher Roth aint Em Ok Next This whole mixtape is garbage. Third ery body keep saying this white boy from philly what set you claim the suburbs ? you a fucking joke hommie. Id love to see eminem put a nail in this bitches coffin Look hommie if you wanna rep the ha nooood rep it right 26 th and Gerrit Hommie for Life Shady J is for life Caddy is for life Dats from west. This dudes a joke. Face it bro you suck.

em aint from the hood

em aint from the hood either, fuck you and your hood,bitch. you sucking mad dick!

holy shit

this kid aint bad at all. I can't believe i missed this.