Allstar - Starlito's Way 2 (2CD)


Disk 1

1.Life Story
2.Get Money ft. Birdman
3.Im on it
5. I Feel How I Look Ft. Mike j
6. Haitin Aint Healthy
7.Alphabet Soup
8.I Aint Worried Bout Nothin ft. Zed
9. Champagne And X
10. Gangsta-est Sway of The Year
11. Mind Over Heart
12. Im Shakin It ft. Fatty Cakes
13. Nawimtalkinbout
14. Im A MF STAR
15.Grind Hard for the Money remix ft. yo gotti
16. Bonus Track
17. Bonus Track

Disk 2

1. Into
2. Im Alright
3. 1 Leg at A Time
4. Fuck em All ft. Q.T.
5. Bless..
6. Mirror Man
7. And i love you (whatever)
8. Im Tryn To Live ft. Trouble
9. Coming Back To You ft. macy gray
10. That shit aint Real
11. Rap music ruined my life
12.Keep Doing My Thing
13.Living Will
14. YOu lyin remix ft. Young Buck
15. Bonus Track
16. Bonus Track
17. Bonus Track

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haha i thought i was lookin

haha i thought i was lookin at the mixtape under this way, 'Scarlito's Way'. Heard Sam Scarfo on 'Fight Klub' on MTV, but i know i never heard of 'Allstar'. Based on the cover, I guess he's w/ CashMoney Records? Print is kinda small

reppin cashville

never heard of All Star? he's from nashville...every just think cashville is about Young Buck but All Star is pretty good too...he got signed to cash money awhile ago but hasnt came out with shit yet..hope this is good

$tarlito's Way

This guy should have BEEN blown up! Wayne needs to step aside and let the yung Cash Money do their thing...word! Like I said a million times before, Wayne is overrated, I'm feelin' All $tar, Curren$y, and Bri$co way more. It's too bad $tar isn't signed wit' Ca$hville Records cuz I could see Buck and The Outlawz makin' some classic ish wit' him... As for this mixtape, it's album quality. DL it and you'll be pleasantly surprised like I was. All $tar is a professional artists....very talented lyricist, solid delivery, soulful content, witty punchlines, street intellect, hustla swagger, diverse flow, strong rhymes, what more could you want? Highlights: F*ck Em All, Bless..., and Mirror Man stood out to me.(Haven't listened to all of it yet though) Thanks 'knoxREAL', you put me on wit' this one. "Fat paper bag, brown paper bag/ rubberband, green paper cash(yep)/ f*ck wit' it get the laser tag, y'all n*ggas better wave a flag/ it is OVA!" -Lil' Wayne Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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i'll take this after your positive post. i'm cautious as i've taken giga bites of dirty south tapes that all sound the same. i'll let you know what i think. the east coast is going much harder: D-Block, Dip Set & Flip Mode are turning up the heat. the last Bishop Lamont, Ya Boy & Juice were diss-appointing, Bishop has found the Lord, snorr snorr, nigger noise and calitriot are off the wall, i'll go to church to hear about the lord. Crooked I & Tha Block are reppin the west. thanks for all the great music mixtapetorrent WWnone

Ok - argue over it all you

Ok - argue over it all you want, but THE NEW YORK TIMES thinks it's worth a listen
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All $tar

Damn right All $tar should've blown up a way back. If you listen to A to Z, it might be Alphabet Soup on this album, but you'll see this dude comes hard. No lie.

dis nigga from cashville

dis nigga from cashville talkin bout he aint neva heard of all star... he cant be cause Im 4rm Russellville KY and he been my favorite rapper 4 da past 3 or4 years

Nigga im from chicago wayne

Nigga im from chicago wayne tha best but allstar my favorite living will the best song i done heard in a minute - All Star Cashville's Prince All Star Cashville's Prince