Lil Wayne - Tha Fix (Unreleased)


Tracks that didn't make it to Tha Carter II, compiled into an unreleased cd called Tha Fix

[ 01 ] Long Time Comin (Remix) 03:27
[ 02 ] Yea Baby 04:03
[ 03 ] Flashy And Fly (Feat Nikki) 04:36
[ 04 ] Do It (Remix) (Feat Nikki And Dizzy) 03:59
[ 05 ] My Name Is Wizzle 04:24
[ 06 ] Let Em (Feat Reel) 04:30
[ 07 ] Mr. Postman 04:05
[ 08 ] Get Real Gangsta (Feat Dizzy) 04:36
[ 09 ] Yea Develop 03:44
[ 10 ] Love This Fuckin Guy 04:29

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big fan but

its alright. only track im feelin is mr postman. but too bad juelz came out with that beat first.
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got a custom cover from

got a custom cover from boxden for this

E-mail it to me at

E-mail it to me at Im a big weezy fan.

ima big weezy fan also just

ima big weezy fan also just trying to get on anything i can by him, so get at me if you can send it to me

shit is hot

shit is hot


yo is "nikki" nikki minaj? "West coast shit aint hip hop. West coast shit is West coast gangsta shit"