J.R. Writer: Writer's Block III


J.R. Writer is up from his block – 145th & Broadway in Harlem, New York – to show you where the Dipset Movement originates from and where it's gonna stay. This young Dipset rider is part of the youth movement over with The Diplomats and he's definitely representing big-time on his 3rd official mixtape with the crew.

Originally premiering on Diplomats, Volume 5 with a six-minute, 100-bar freestyle (AYE!), this talented young Harlemite is spitting fire in anticipation of his debut album History In The Making on Koch Records/Diplomat Records. With that typical Dipset swagger in tact, and a knack for battle-rapping originating from his rap roots (he was introduced to Dipset by Harlem freestyle freak/battle-rhymer Jae Millz), you know what to expect on this Dipset banger.

This all-exclusive mixtape bangs out all the hottest new J.R. Writer music, including all-new tracks, freestyles, remixes and street anthems, including new joints featuring Juelz Santana, Hell Rell, .40 Cal, Jha Jha, Slim Thug, Gwen Stefani, Razah and Fred Money. Get down with the Writer's Block.

1. Welcome To Greatness Intro
2. Take Notes
3. Get Ready For Me
4. Grill 'Em
5. What You Know About Crack feat. Juelz Santana
6. The Movement Is Moving feat. Hell Rell
7. We Gettin' Money Ova Here feat. 40 Cal.
8. Serious Business
9. Get Them Checks feat. Jha Jha
10. This Shit Is Funny feat. Slim Thug
11. Gutta feat. 40 Cal.
12. I'ma Real O.G.
13. It's Ova
14. Suit Up (Dissin' Mase)
15. Talk Yo' Shit
16. Get Used To Da Future feat. Fred Money
17. Everyday I'm Bubbling
18. Pimp Talk feat. Razah
19. Lay Back (remix) feat. Gwen Stefani
20. Poppin' My Collar (remix)
21. Pussy Nigga
22. A Hostile Takeova

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MAD UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD ASS PROPZ MAN FUCK!
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This is dat piff right here....Now my collection is complete. DIPSET BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This shit iz bannanas... props fizzel for this one right here

much props!

much props!

Dominican Republic Shows Love

Big Props too you Hold It Down, To all those Dominicans,Haciendo lo Bien Grande Stand UP


Finally......its here i cant wait till mines comes in autographed!!! Props to U/L
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CHEERS MAAAAN!!!!! Fuckin' Dope mixtape.... Fast download too...


this niggas amazin.
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MAD propz yo...fuckin SICK ass mixtape...Writer is a fuckin beast
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i aint never heard this cat spit b4 but since all yal are ridin his nuts so hard, i guess i will give him a listen

this is SICK, props.

this is SICK, props.

Nothin new...

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, Jr Writer is exactly whats wrong with hip hop/rap today! This guy is a joke and is basically a mini cam'ron. I used to like dipset, a loooong time ago, now, theyre just attention seeking homos (minus juelz) i lost mad respect for cam, and jim jones is possibly the worst rapper ever. get ya minds right, jr aint nothin special.


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"Well done mate, youre a fuckin' champion, we love you"... FYI these comment sections are meant to be 'download' related, if it works, passwords etc... Listen to this tape again, the beats , J.R's lyrics etc... he's pretty fuckin dope, WTF's wrong with you???

nigga fuck doom hatin ass

nigga fuck doom hatin ass mothefucker!!!!!!!! jr writer is a killa bitch!!!!!!

Fuck dipset

A waste of a blank cd and HDD space this shit is trash every body in dipset trash encluding Juelz, jim jones is one of the worst rappers in the world GGGGGGGGGGGGG-unit
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that shit was crazy. DIPSET.GGGG-unit all the way fuck d-block fuck game

dipset beefin wit gunit u

dipset beefin wit gunit u retard
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no bitch ass

u retarded i never said the beefin cunt
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no bitch ass

u retarded i never said they beefin cunt

they are beefin

fuckin idiot read what you wrote then read what dude wrote. they got beef and you dont know what they fuck you talking about "West coast shit aint hip hop. West coast shit is West coast gangsta shit"
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whats the biggin effin deal?

this guy sounds pretty average, he does sound kinda mini-camish... i dont see what every1 was all excited about... they got a movement going allright, a steady movement of crap coming out of my mp3 player... what ever happened to the confessions of fire Camron?
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I knew these g-unit dick ridin sun's of bitches would come in here after a while. G-unit goin down, Jay-Z goin down, fuck ya'll, this guy would kill any1 in g-unit battling, and he produces better crack any day, fuck you, and fuck g-unit. *get off miss jackson's cunt homo

jr writer is real tight,

jr writer is real tight, some of his stuff does kinda sound like cam, but its still quality street music, by the way, confessions of fire was cams worst album. G-UNOT!!
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who the hell said anything about gunit? i didnt... maybe you should read the posts all the way instead of worrying about how much "crack" jr writer produces... you dumbass. yall little my space gangstas really trip me out with your "fuck yous" and your reppin for some click that wouldnt give 2 squirts of piss about who you are... do you think that Mr Writer would jump on some internet post and get your back?

nah but we're just statin

nah but we're just statin our opinions, just like u, granted there are a lot of dickriders on here, but they're all like 14 and dont know any better. im reppin my own shit. 502
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Y'all lames man..

Some of y'all haters wouldnt know heat if you heard it, probably still listenin to them TRL hits and shit. DIPSET has that piff your swagger jackers. G-Unit is alright, too many people cockride them but they make money because people like my little sister buy their albums. J.R. Writer is a FUCKING BEAST ON THE MIC. Quit hatin' and go back and listen to your fuckin' Spider Loc n shit.
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Oh ya

And you wanna talk about a waste of drive space? Lets talk about that Lloyd Banks - The Big Withdrawal. That was suppose to be his new album until his dumbass left it in a bitches car and everyone leaked it and told him how weak it was. How much did Yayo sell? Oh yea, he flopped. M.O.P.?!? Neeexxxxt. Spider Loc ain't runnin shit. 50cent can make hits, yes. BUT, he's still a bitch ass nigga and will get touched soon enough. also, save your time on that E-40 album. U.S.D.A. YA BITCHS!
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G-G-G-G-G-G-G G U N O T ! ! ! !


First thing first, I like dipset (liked) Cam is turnin into a big homo, jim jones is a homo, jr writer is a mini cam, so make him a homo in training. Juelz and 40 cal are the only ones who are worth a listen. Banks, by the way, would MURDER jr writer...hold on, i got an exclusive freestyle from gay r..."its jr writer, the writer of writers, this aint a freestyle, i pulled an all nighter" HES SO WEAK! hahahaha. I hope jay z and g unit tear them apart and save juelz from this homo camp. volume 4 and all eyes on zeke are the last good mixtapes these dudes put out.


want a good mixtape? get ANY papoose, thats a dude who is the truth.
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Stupid niggas

Like this steve dude. Go in the streets and ask niggas if they fuck wit the set. Dipset is some savages on the mics and the beats. Talkin about homos in training, nigga you'z a hater tryin to train other haters. I wish you would say that shit infront of some NY niggas. Get ya shit smashed in. I won't lie, I'm not sayin everything DIPSET is platinum but the shit is hot 99.9% of the time.


Man, I have no problem statin my opinion in front of anyone, from alaska or n.y. who gives a fuck where they from? Dipset is ok, but people need to realize they are perhaps the worst rappers out there. the best rapper from n.y at this point is papoose-papoose. jr writer is a joke. juelz and 40 cal, i feel bad for them. listen to volume 4 compared to anything they have let out in awhile, vol. 4 was taliban dipset shit. lyrically better, beat wise, u name it. everyone has got worse while juelz has got better. oh, one more thing...KOCH! hahahahahahaha.

ha shit is funny

Yo I dont mess with J.R like that but I heard this, and it like son isen't sounding like Cam that much anymore but son is nothing special at all. Hell Rell is personally my favorite Dip Julz is there to but my son Hell got that straight G music Up North music not to many of ya know about that which is good Jail aint cool. Anyway like a couple of people said if you want the best hottest in N.Y you got to mess with Papoose son is a BEAST for real. 40 cal got his head knocked off at the Fight Klub behind the scenes and they paid so that would not get out l.o.l. Anyway that is that and so ya know HeatMakers do be blessing DipSet with some fire beats ya cannot knock that! Paine

papoose is aight, but his

papoose is aight, but his voice is just too fuckin annoying, i guess i dont see what the big deal is about him, maybe ill come around in a couple years though.
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Thats the problem wit hip hop listeners these dayz!!! All you Fuckers get too hyped wit the beef and let this influence your opinion of the music!! I mean, I think spider Loc is the shit!!! And y'all know he runnin tings right now!! but that dont make me hate The Game!! Coz i know he one mean ass rapper and got skills!! So Why Hate?? Dipset are doin their thing!! It their Own style!! You gotta know this!! Dont hate!! Just Dont Listen!!!

thats true man.

thats true man.


shut up ur a bitch


these niggaz iz losers fuckin wankstaz man they dont have a movement they havent even gon platnum. they have no street credibilty and julez look like my dick FUCK DIPSET


wow u gonna say dipset aint got NO street cred?? mafucka u is crazy if u a g unit fan u wack g unit got no street cred!! but u know GAME got more street cred den any of dem and he stay fuckin wit dipet! i mean the truth is dipset nice but hell rell old lmao camron is nice jimjones ahh he iight jr is nice. juelz gettin to comercial. 40cal a beast. and dats about all GAME is still dat dude
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spider loc is running what???

that was the funniest shit i have read all day...

thank you

somebody finally tellin the truth...g-unit gettin mo money than anybody right now...and the Game talkin bout 50 a snitch that shit ain't true cuz he what sain he was a snitch when he was gettin money... he a beast though but that shit ain't cool round my block kid...so step yo GAME up... "Banks shit sell, Buck shit sell, Yayo shit sell, he rich as hell" 50 new words off of piggy bank lol

K to the O

K O C H hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha. U want street shit? M.O.P! How about some hardcore? Show me someone or some group that is more street then the mash out posse...u cant so dont bother..."all that bullshit ur talkin is irrelevant, i am devil sent, brownsville! all the way live muthafucka on some rebel shit!"...by the way, game aint bad, i agree seperate beef with music, but dude needs to do research, devils number aint 666, research had a bad translantion discovery, its 616, so 666 means shit all...
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M.O.P. was only nice when they were with Jay-Z. Now they with G-Unit, watch the album flop.

M.O.P. has been around for

M.O.P. has been around for ever and never went platinum, theyre just not that good, and now theyre just old. i got 20 on it that says the M.O.P./G-Unit album gets shelved and never comes out.
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The $10 Crooklyn sucka!!!

hahahahahaha CROOKLYN SLUGGA you only hating dipset coz they dont let lil bitches like you ride their dick!! hip hop is bigger than 50 cent you lil suck ass rent boi!! Face the facts, Fiddy aint gonna pay $10 for you to suck his dick!! hows bout you go bk to listenin to The massacre, knock one out for fiddy and come bk on here once you've realised wantin to suck for $10 aint no ambition!! lil bitch boy!! you giving G-unit fans a bad rep!!


u funny lil white man i aint nuthin 2 say 2 u

Oh my my my....

Dude, did u seriously say that m.o.p was only nice with jay z (they released like 2 singles on the roc)? r u kiddin me? u shouldnt be able to speak on rap ever ever ever ever again!like duke said, they been out forever, but goin platinum doesnt make u good or not, for christ sake look at faggot chingy, haha, i mean he went plat, and hes wack as hell. m.o.p been doin there thing for years and have never changed their style. i can name a bunch of nutso rappers who never went plat...crazy likkle youths, educate urselves, ill be hostin rap 101 all day

they just aint thoro like

they just aint thoro like that, almost like a memphis bleek or something, they got talent, just aint thoro enough to pop. i cant listen to that shit, their voices are annoying as fuck, i feel like im listening to death metal with all that fuckin hollerin.