Gripz - Poetic Literature Vol 2 (Angels & Demons)


01 Gripz-Angels Vs Deamons Intro(Prod By Anno Domini)
02 Gripz-Hells Highway(Prod By 2Deep)
03 Gripz-I Wanna Rock Freestyle
04 Gripz-Microphone Homicide(Prod By 2Deep)
05 Gripz-100 Bars Abcs Prod By Vherbal
06 Gripz_Ft_K.Sparks-Critics(Prod_By_One_Take)
07 Gripz-Labor Of Love Music(Prod By Hypnotist)
08 Gripz-Rhyming Lesson(Prod By 2 Deep)
09 Gripz-Purest Form(Prod By One Take)
10 Gripz-End You(Prod By Anno Domini)
11 Gripz-Heaven Vs Hell(Prod By Anno Domini)
12 Gripz-Marjorie(Mom)Prod By Vherbal
13 Gripz Ft Jeff Chery-2Dopeboyz
14 Gripz-Where The Break At(Prod By One Take)
15 Gripz-All I Need(Prod By Vherbal)
16 Gripz-Bounce To The Beat Like This(Prod By One Take)
17 Gripz-Untold Story Prod By 2Deep
18 Gripz-Emotions Part 2(Rehab)(Prod By 2Deep)
19 Gripz-Fire(Prod By Vherbal)
20 Gripz-Rap Revolution(Prod By Anno Domini)
21 Gripz-Rip
22 (Bonus Track)Gripz-Pussy Heaven(Prod By Anno Domini)

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d wEEZY 1's picture

nothin else to check out

nothin else to check out today. maybe ill give this a listen. theres a nice KRS ONE tape up on datpiff...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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FIRE!!! This guy is a

FIRE!!! This guy is a BEAST!!! 10/10
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for sure this dude got

for sure this dude got skill. alot of talent out there right now. hopefully it will amount to some quality albums hittin the shelves soon! if not tho we got enough music in the mixtape game right now to keep our appetites suppressed for awhile...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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good tape

This dude on point worth a listen... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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shit go hard!

shit go hard!