DJ Whiteowl & Gripz - Poetic Literature

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1.Dj Whiteowl And Dj Heat Intro
2.Gripz-Intro(Prod By Vherbal)
3.Gripz-Hate(Prod By Anno Domini)
4.Gripz-Check My Flow(Prod By Vherbal)
5.Dj Heat And Dj Whiteowl Skit #1
6.Gripz-40 Bars Of Crack(Produced By Street Level)
7.Gripz- Ft Wordsmith-Md Connection(Prod By Street Level)
8.Gripz Ft Paysoz And Wordsmith-Barz
9.Gripz-If Ya Fam Died(Prod By Vherbal)
10.Dj Heat And Dj Whiteowl Skit #2
11.Gripz-Emotion(Prod By Sinima Beats)
12.Gripz Ft Sic Osyrus-Nah Right(Prod By Anno Domini)
13.Gripz Ft Jay Rock-Nba Draft 09(For Slam Magazine)
14.Gripz-Rap Genious(Prod By Vherbal)
15.Dj Heat And Dj Whiteowl Skit #3
17.Gripz-This Is My Kingdome(Produced By Anno Dommini)
19.Gripz-This Is Life(Prod By Vherbal)
20.Gripz-32 Bars An 32 Clint Eastwood Movies(Prod By Anno Domini)
21.Gripz-Stranger(Prod By Anno Domini)
22.Gripz-Instrumental Murderer(Prod By Hypnotist)
23.Dj Heat And Dj Whiteowl Outro

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This dude goes as hard as his mustache.Dont waste the space on your HDD