Game - 240 Bars (Spider Loc, G-Unit Diss)

Yes, yet another diss.



i always liked GAME, but after just watchin 'stop snitchin' DVD.. i just can't get enough of this dude man!! this trck is tite.... keep it up GAME>>>'the truth hurts... good onya mfizzel another banger 4 free!!! peace man braydead

the game is whack, all he

the game is whack, all he does is hate on people

youre crazy, the game

youre crazy, the game brought the west back, spider joke deserves it. if he even tries to hate on mobb though, thats too much.

The man looking for attention

Yo look game is notting but a little bitch the man aint making money wiff g-unit nemore so he tryna used dem now to make money by dissing dem. Every rapper in dis shit tryna use g-unit JADA JOE FUCK JARULE WHO ELSE NAS I EVEN HURD LIL WAYNE CASSIDY EURONE try to get a peice and game feels like he on everybodys side cause everybody against g-unit its basically g-unit vs the rap game fuk wat you hurd but games whack cant even freestyle check out his mixtapes his whack ass rhymes and his shoes are jacked up those are fuking bowling shoes him and his wack ass 1nce again ITZ SHAME TO THE GAME GET A LIFE DUDE 1

G UNit went at Jada, joe,

G UNit went at Jada, joe, cassidy, nas and everybody, BoBo dissin on them first
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G-UNITS A BUNCH OF SISSYS Yes, Game is way better

Fagg tricks

Its all about game fuck all those fake ass bitches from the east coast Game brings that straight cali shit if you wann hear about grills and money go suck off paul wall or somthing, all you bitches arnt ready for the west its on the come back! You can go wear you pink shirts with kanye bitches WEst coast blackwallstreet for life! BLuhhhhh

kidwildz, your an idiot.

kidwildz, your an idiot. every rapper is trying to diss g-unit, dosnt that say something about g-unit? especially when someone that was in their group comes out against them, do you really think 50 made Game and it wasnt dre that made him? if you think Game wont sell without 50, your crazy, all he needs is production from Dre and its plat again. just look at snoop post dre and pre pharell, remember that 'No Limit' garbage he dropped, enough said. if you didnt understand this, go drop it into and translate it for you.

this is fuckin cool!!!!

Spider loc had it coming to him that bitch ass is offically exposed that was funny that shit he said on page 98 in januarys xxl now spiders comfortable calling himself a soldier ha.. spider loc aka spider joke aint no soldier hes just 50's west coast bitch had to leave it to game to expose his bitch ass thats some funny shit that whole thing about spiders 03 tahoe he cant even make payments on that was hilarious this whole song was some real ass shit and funny as fuck..


This Guy is Shyt Nuttin else to chat about Fuc dis guy hes gay even lil easy said hes gay and hes easy e son fuckin fagoot this was tha worst dis track and spider loc ripped game listen to bitch boy and g-unot killer those to tracks mirked game hahahahaha

just because EAZY-E was a

just because EAZY-E was a legend does'nt mean we gotta respect LIL-E.... GAME + DR DRE = PURE FUCKIN DOPENESS!!!!

g-unit is hot and game is a

g-unit is hot and game is a bitch....u see he aint makin money and nobody pays attention to him to he keeps tryin to come at g-unit and they arent wastin their time on his bitch ass

this shit is funny...

i can't believe how a lot of you niggas got love or hate for anyone of these niggas beyond niggas don't know nera 1 of these nigga personally so how in the fuck could u even have an opinion or know who is r ain't a bitch...all u niggas know is what you read r hear from another mufuka...get off both they dick and get yo self some pussy...bitches! LMAO!!!


exactly, now post some DIRTY HARRY on this bitch

i keep sayin he dope & i

i keep sayin he dope & i aint pissed on g-unit once.... so i know that aint directed at me...




50 is a fuckin joke. his music is medicore at best. he makes aight hooks and beats thats bout it. HE needa open his fuckin mouth when he raps cus he sounds like a fuckin reatrd ya know? Game be spittin these bars left and right. makin these 5-10 minutes freestyles..come on now 50 aint got nothin on game...
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dre's Folt

hold up hold up hold people..lets go bk to the beginning wen dre signed game to the label jst a wekk after 50 released his first album...2 years passed...dre wanted game to be signed to went is game...(the so cauled futre of the west coast) doin being put in a group were he cnt achieve as much as he point in putting him with g-unit so he can follow behind 50..ive heard some of his shit and even bought his album..the documentry..why..because he was with was a gd a bit confussed...wt was the point in having the game in a group full of rapppers with only 1 of thos(50 cent) rappers having realy gud sucsess...for me.. game should never bin apart of the g-unit crew.. he should of stayed working with dre and the rest of was a bad desion to put with g-unit

damn i didnt know the rap

damn i didnt know the rap game is all about the money the artist be makin...cuz it sure as hell aint. who cares if 50 is makin more, game is killin him lyrically. everybody who listens to rap knows this.

The Game is sick

Yeah u all say that everyone disses on G-Unit. Well yeah cuz G-Unit is a bunch of snitches. They went and told the cops a bunch of shit and snitched on people. And another reason cuz no one in G-Unit can rap. The only one that can even come close with Game is Lloyd Banks. SO yall r sayin that u would dont like people cuz the diss people that aint gonna do anything bout it cuz they really cant. If u were in da game u would do it to. I would take any rapper over anyone G-Unit.
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Exposin dem fags

Game exposin dem G-Unit Fags lol!