Lloyd Banks - The Cold Corner 2


01 - 1 2 3 Grind (Feat Prodigy)
02 - Super Crack
03 - Shock The World
04 - Predator (Feat Styles P)
05 - The Pulse
06 - Make It Stack (Feat Aap Rocky)
07 - Score
08 - We Fuckin
09 - Love Shots
10 - Jokes On You
11 - Young Fly Flashy
12 - Ice Box Pt2
13 - No Love
14 - Cashin In
15 - Cold Corner 2 (Eyes Wide)
16 - Keep Your Cool
17 - Get It How I Live
18 - Come Up

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This mixtape is better then 95% of the albums out in the past several months. Niggas need to step there rap game up. Rappers lyrics ain't tough enough......

nuff said

^Co-Sign^ line for line

u nigaz

this mixtape is like a long sole fuckin track..like game said way back in his documentary shit, this guy sounds the same in all songs..fuckin boring


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PLK went in on dis one albim shit rite here "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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Banks is that nigga, Banks can go bar for bar with any nigga in the rap game....PERIOD!!! ~Mr. Helmick~

unreal mixtape this is what

unreal mixtape this is what i been waitin for... a mixtape u can bump without skippin any tracks. Every track goes hard. Dude had a good flow on the pulse.
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R.I.P. Heavy D

R.I.P. Heavy D

not bad niggas voice dose

not bad niggas voice dose get a lil old at times but the beats do help it out


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YO whats good with DEZ against those EAGLES duke???HA

Nobody gives a fuck about what you think cuz your if you aint hanging onto dez bryants nuts, your hangin onto goochies nuts. Your one of those haters who wont bump anything if it aint some stupid moon cricket shit from down south. If you can't admit that banks has bars for days you dont know shit, this tape is fire from start to finish, you should focus less on where dude is from and more about his lyrics.

Yo u mad

I dissed ur favorite rapper? HA! ur groupie dont even deserve my reply.
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Speakin tha truth bruh!
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Sittin there with your mouth

Sittin there with your mouth open. You should shut that shit before someone comes along and sticks they dick in it.
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Now thats how you put out a fucking mixtape, 18 tracks of pure fire, only three features of whom can actually rap, and then banks just rippin' it. Shit sounds like an album, god shit Banks, PLK for life.
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My cum burns me. Maybe this will cool me down. Burnt cum stains isn't very appealing you know.


BANKS IS OK NIGGA GOT HIS AZZ BEAT BADD THO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXN5ABcKHvY&feature=channel_video_title

fuck no

not givin u a chance but i will them lol yea again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXN5ABcKHvY&feature=channel_video_title

This fucker sound the same

This fucker sound the same lame to me on every fuckn track, just as game said way back..the guy has only one tone all fuckin tracks seem to be the same shitttttttt...burin as hell fuck u all faggots