Corner Boy P - Catch Me If You Can


1. (00:00:21) Corner Boy P - Intro
2. (00:02:51) Corner Boy P - I Am The Greatest
3. (00:03:05) Corner Boy P - Lane Switching
4. (00:00:16) Corner Boy P - Skit 1
5. (00:03:37) Corner Boy P - Breathe
6. (00:03:19) Corner Boy P - Glad To Be Here
7. (00:04:26) Corner Boy P - Before I Stack
8. (00:00:05) Corner Boy P - Skit 2
9. (00:03:01) Corner Boy P - Gate Change
10. (00:03:31) Corner Boy P - La La La
11. (00:03:17) Corner Boy P - L.A.X
12. (00:00:57) Corner Boy P - Skit 3
13. (00:03:25) Corner Boy P - Checkout Time
14. (00:03:52) Corner Boy P - More I Do
15. (00:03:05) Corner Boy P - Step After Step
16. (00:02:28) Corner Boy P - Magic Show
17. (00:00:21) Corner Boy P - Skit 4
18. (00:04:15) Corner Boy P - Memory Lane
19. (00:02:47) Corner Boy P - Final Descent
20. (00:04:06) Corner Boy P - This Is The Good Life

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I dont know shit about a Corner Boy P but...

This Cat is getting a D/L strictly based on the Cover. I Love that Movie! Ill come back with a critique.. Syrped Up and Smoked Out for the MMXI

Catch him if you can

The intro says it all, if you d/l it youll see. This Cat has Flow, he aint worried about the beats to much, more easy listening shit if you ask me, but he ripped it on a few joints, this will get some play over here.. Syrped Up and Smoked Out for the MMXI.

Fake accounts

trying to hype this shit up. How pathetic. I bet is Corner Boy himself giving himself props HA HA!
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LOL it was so much easier

LOL it was so much easier for fake accounts to be on here when this site allowed guest accounts to login using only a simple math question.. How you think Gucci Mane and all got so much hype on all those mixtape sites? they was only a couple of people using 500 madeup names to up them tapes, no all them sites require you login and you can see how long they had an account.
I respect ya grind promoting yaself (If you just came out and said you are the person under that account) but if you on here creatin accounts and actin like somebody who listened to the tape you get's no respect..
I listened to the tape and it's a 4/10.. Beats put me to sleep and the rappin was boring.