DJ Whoo Kid - Spider Loc: G-Unit Radio 18: Rags To Riches

Props KDshortkid

DJ Whoo Kid brings the much-anticipated G-Unit West official mixtape
introduction of G-Unit's west coast rider Spider Loc. Coming live from
the 'City of Angels' this ill mixtape features the hottest verses, freestyles,
remixes, tracks & classics from the G-Unit Crip and leader of G-Unit West
+ cameos by 50 Cent/G-Unit, Ras Kass, Cartoon, Snoopy Blue, Big Syke.

1 - Spider Loc - Your Crew Is Featherwieght
2 - Spider Loc feat. Young Buck - No More Games (Dissin' The Game)
3 - Mobb Deep - Put 'Em In They Place
4 - Spider Loc feat. Ras Kass - Too Much Money
5 - Spider Loc - Every Day Gettin' Bread
6 - Spider Loc - Goin 4 Da Millians
7 - Spider Loc feat. 50 Cent - L.A. Niggas [produced by Da Riffs]
8 - Spider Loc - G-Unot Killa
9 - Spider Loc feat. Cartoon (R.I.P.) - Get This Doe
10 - Spider Loc - Why You Actin' Like A Hoe
11 - Spider Loc feat. Snoopy Blue - Bitch Ass Niggas
12 - Spider Loc - This Crip Cuz
13 - Spider Loc - Business As Usual
14 - Spider Loc feat. Big Syke - All Eyes On Us
15 - Spider Loc - 'F' The Haters
16 - Spider Loc - Bitch Boy
17 - DJ Whoo Kid Outro


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what more can i say....

already!....once again good lookin out mfizzel and kdshortkid. all i gotta say is game look out bra, i really appreciate the reply on the request kicko, be easy and stay up cuh. one
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Spider joke!!..Dis tape is fuken shit..Dont get it
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Piece of shit

this mixtape is crap. Not trying to diss but Biter Loc sucks at rapping. But whatever i knew it was going to suck. I downloaded this Gay-Unit Radio 18 to see what shit this fool would say about the game. But he's talkin a bunch of bullshit. Whatever biter loc, spider joke or whatever they call u. GGGGGGGGG-UNOT
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Aint Nothing But A Bitch G-Unot All Tha Way

man fuck the gayme bunch of

man fuck the gayme bunch of mothefuckers this bitch nigga was a stripper!!! he never bang in tha streets!!! fuck g-unot and the gayme dick-riders suck my dick all haters in this bitch GGGGGGGGGGGG-unit for life!!!!!!!! Fuck The GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGayme!!!!!!!!!!!!

stoP being in g-unit's dICk

damN dis niggas love to hate g-unit, man ! but da g-unit don't give a fuck bout dis niggas, they're making dat money dat da haters can't do it! g-unOt can suck my dick!
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I DIDNT UNDERSTAND A FUKEN WURD DAT DUDE WROTE.... wtf? Speak english nigga...U hate g-unit or u like em'??? STOP BEIN IN G-UNITS DICK???? U 1 FUKED UP KAT...

Let's Be Real

Dis nigga Spider Loc is ballz 4 the fuk did he get signed?? I'm not even gonna waste my time on this one
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In One Word.............

W A C K .

yo the mixtape is shit,

the cover is shit everything is shit the 2 mixtapes that spider loc has is just animation whats wrong... ain't got no real pictures of u or your boys man this dudes a joke


I don't like G-Unit at all. That's why The Game is dissin' those niggas like it ain't no tomorrow. I love that diss track that Game did about Spider's called "Spider Joke (240 bars)". That shit was crazy. I actually liked the shit..and I'm not even into the Game. I don't think Spider Loc is gonna take over the West like The Game did. Spider Loc turned on the Game anyway...he sucks.
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240 that shits bangin. dont bother with this shit...cos i aint. just get 240 n the nu 1, 360. Sheek sed it...G-G-G-G- get tha fuck outta here!!! G-G-G-Unot G-Units dyin!!!


Hey I aint a Hater by far but, Dis Nicca so wack i actually took time out just ta comment.. Buster!!!

Spider Loc vs Game

In my opinion, Spider Loc is probably more gangsta then Game and has more street credibility. Unfortunetly, it's going to take a while before the Spider can do Hurricane numbers. In all honesty though, I think Game and G Unit made eachother stronger and in fact have destroyed eachother with their fallout.
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spider loc is wack!!

this faggot has 2 learn to rap i bet dis bitch aint even a crip, kumon if u have self respect u wud'nt join g-unot but nope this bitch ass nigga is all bout money n no respect. whatever let dem be cuz dey do know dey aint got shyt but commercial nonsense.

Spider loc lost the beef

Spider loc lost the beef theirs no was he can come back from the 240 bars OMG G-unit give up game more talented than all of u put together and sells more than any of u wannabes. 300,000 game and llyod wit wat 60,000 cmon HAHAH