G-Unit - The Empire Strikes Back

Statik Selektah treats you to a rare G-Unit-sponsored mixtape, repped
and hosted by the entire crew, including Mobb Deep, MOP, Young Buck,
Tony Yayo, Mase & Whoo Kid. With a barrage of exclusive G-Unit cuts
you've never heard (including a Biggie joint not on Duets), this isn't just
any G-Unit mixtape. This the next best thing to a G-Unit Radio mixtape.

1 - Statik Selektah Intro
2 - DJ Whoo Kid Intro
3 - 50 Cent & Notorious B.I.G. - The Grind (not on Duets album) [Statik Selektah premiere]
4 - M.O.P. & Young Buck - Who Dat [Statik Selektah premiere]
5 - Statik Selektah feat. Mobb Deep & Termanology - Every Time [Statik Selektah premiere]
6 - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent - I Cant Wait (Have A Party, pt. 2) [Statik Selektah premiere]
7 - Lloyd Banks, Paul Wall, & Kool G Rap - I Got It Made [Statik Selektah premiere]
8 - 50 Cent feat. Mase & Lloyd Banks - Window Shopper (remix)
9 - Cormega feat. Lil' Fame (of M.O.P.) - 718 [Statik Selektah premiere]
10 - Tony Yayo "Tearz" Freestyle [Statik Selektah premiere]
11 - Lloyd Banks - When I Was Down
12 - 50 Cent feat. M.O.P. - 50 This, 50 That [Statik Selektah premiere]
13 - Young Buck & Prodigy - Man Down
14 - Young Buck - We Killin' 'Em [Statik Selektah premiere]
15 - Young Buck & I-20 - How the Hell
16 - 50 Cent - SouthSide Gorilla-Unit
17 - Spider Loc - G-Unot Killer (Dissin' The Game)
18 - Spider Loc - Death Before Dishonor
19 - 50 Cent - Pimpin' (P.I.M.P., pt. 2)
20 - Tony Yayo - Curious (remix) [LIVE from the Bahamas] [Statik Selektah premiere]
21 - Olivia feat. Termanology - So Sexy (remix) [Statik Selektah premiere]
22 - 50 Cent - Emotional (produced by Pete Rock)
23 - 50 Cent feat. G-Unit - Stick Up (produced by Alchemist)
24 - Lloyd Banks - Whip Pussy
25 - Notorious B.I.G. feat. Mobb Deep - Beef 2006
26 - Tony Yayo, Whoo Kid & Statik Selektah Outro


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Right people, wondering if anyone could be so kind as to help me with this, ive downloaded this mixtape, but its just one big file, is their anyway ive gotta open it, use a certain program or something?, if anyone could help me, ide be greatfull, cheers!

what's the file

what's the file extension? If it's a .rar file, use WinRAR, if it's a zip, use WinZIP


yeah, i'm not likin this file thingo!!!! why is'nt it like all the others??? Peace!

Not complicated

Y'all need to step ya PC literacy up...Winrar is so similar to winzip, or any other program for that matter, with help balloons and all that shit...>DL WINRAR program from download.com or whatever, install it....When the installation is done, run the statik.rar file or whatever it's called.....Winrar gonna show you a list of all the files in the compressed package....Pick a folder to extract themt to, and it's that simple....This is basic home pc shit people


But i'm pretty new to computers....... took me long enough to figure out the other way 2 d/load..... haha! i'll give it a shot.... Peace!


good lookin out man really helped me out with the sorry 50 cent mixtape GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG UNOT The only reason I downloaded it was because my sister wanted (just for the Record) Listen to ballah's instructions and youll get it right
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G unot!

Ill second that, 50 sorry, I just want the I-20, and Buck song!!! gotta hear that shit!


Download winrar, then u right click it and extract it // smo

track #3

the third song is cold ass hell 50 ripped that shit GGGGGGGGGGG-unit what else can u expect from fif

i'm furious

How do i download this mixtape ? Can't help me someone , PLEASE


where can i find the torrent for this, can't see any obvious olace for it on this page. or is ther anoter place doing this help apreciated




Thankz for the track.

yea yea

yea yea

GGGGG Unit is straight fire

GGGGG Unit is straight fire

wheres the link to download

wheres the link to download this tape

I can't see any

I can't see any attatchements ?