DJ Rated R & DJ Woogie - Return Of The Potent Product

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01 - Potentproduct - Intro
02 - A Mafia - Cuffin Prod By Arab Muzik World Premi
03 - Lloyd Banks - Superstar World Premiere
04 - Lloyd Banks - Finish Line
05 - 50 Cent Jadakiss Rell - Dump
06 - Tony Yayo - My Lifes The Shit
07 - Tony Yayo - So I Dont Hurt Nobody Prod By Havoc
08 - Un Pacino Yates - Been Around The World Phill
09 - Un Pacino Mumbles - Get It In
10 - Big Twins Ty Nitty - Qb Icon World Premiere
11 - Havoc Prodigy Nyce Da Future Lad - I Got T
12 - Lad - Cold World World Premiere
13 - Wille The Kid Ali Vegas - Straight Shots World
14 - Cormega Sadat X Large Pro Oc - Journey Wor
15 - Agallah Dusty Roads - Stand Clear World Premier
16 - Hell Rell - Im On That
17 - Bunky Sa Hell Rell - Top Of The Line World Pr
18 - Ransom 40Cal Jr Writer - Baymh Prod By Masar
19 - Los Vado - Money On The Wood World Premiere
20 - Vado - The Blocks
21 - The Jacka Ampacino Mistah Fab Smiggz - Bonaf
22 - Gottigator - My Bars Is Likeprod By Maxdollas
23 - Az - The Calm Prod By Statik Selektah World Pre
24 - Imam Thug - Freddy Krueger
25 - Boogz Boogetz - Ready For The Fame Off Frmw Mixcd
26 - Statik Selektah Termanology 1982 - People Are Ru
27 - Termanology Inspectah Deck - Hood On Fire Prod
28 - Ru Spits - I Got Em World Premiere
29 - A Mafia - Flying Cars Outro

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I like weed music but this

I like weed music but this shit ain't gettin put on in my light up sessions!
And where's the murda music at? I want some crazy shit during this holiday, man im poppin in some 90's Murda, street shit that Dark rap shit, either these artist ain't creative enough like they was back in the day when you'll get some crazy fuked up shit during Halloween holiday up or the mixtape sites late as fuck with puttin theme mixtapes catch up!.
JJAudeo's picture

I would recommend a recent

I would recommend a recent mixtape, that maino mixtape Art Of War. Dont know if you heard it but Track 2 retaliate, maino be rapping about some crazy killa shit. Overall the mixtape is pretty raw. That good raw hip-hop music. If not then hear a not too old juicy j and project pat mixtape called cut throat. That mixtape is crazy too, it has halloween effects in the intro lol. pretty good as well.
hiphophead23's picture

dis looks ok

Its some hip hop on dis joint ima give a download. Hey dninc check out some old spice I his shit is perfect for dis time of year straight murdah gangsta shit. Some old 3 6 mafia too (Mystic Stylez) "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang

For those who dont know...

Some halloween murda shyt!>>> >>>
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yo thanks

Screw_ wrote:
Some halloween murda shyt!>>> >>>
I missed these. Cooking soul do nice blends
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Cookin Soul & Whoo Kid Presents Night of the Living Dead 3: Big L VS Big Pun
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Imma pass on em but thanks, im kinda lookin for some real evil, fucked up type rap shit, i got some ol'e skool stuff i might have to upload and share some of my shit, get the real mixtape game back in order and break outta the commercial.
I got by "Death- Possessed By Tha Ouija Board", he rap about killin for the fun of it, being a crazy nigga, seeing shit in their imagination, being possessed, carving a pentagram into his skin to summon satan to take his soul over and all types of shit like that, I got old "Tre 8- Freight Night" One of his best albums and still one of the best shit from the south, all he was talkin about was robbin, murdah (REAL MURDER! Not that fake shit), gankin, gettin high, and a lot of fuukked up shit, i got old "3-6" shit, "Born 2wice- right to remain silence" thats some good Houston shit from 93 "True Soldiers" "Zero Ward Villains", "Insane 17th ward- Camp 4 Life", "DMG - Rigormortiz", "2 sins-last day on earth" some crazy Detroit 90's shit!, "B.P.M- Premeditated" i can go on and on ..
Most of it is rare local shit you can't just go get, you had to go to Peaches records & tapes back then to get most of this shit, i got EVERYTHING and converted my old tapes to CD's!
~Sig~ Nawlinz gumbo-fuse everywhere we go!, TampOrleans, AtlanOrleans, MiamOrleans, HoustOrleans, MemphOrleans, New YOrleans, Los AngelOrleans, OhiOrleans, TorontOrleans, OrlandOrleans, DallOrleans, PhillidelphOrleans. ~sig~
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That would make a classic mixtape! You should put some of that shit together and hook it up! Make me a big mix of some of that and ill pay for it via paypal. Side note, whats a good software for random music searches now that limewires shut down? I use Vuze for my torrents but I used limewire for random song searching... oh, and a nice addition to your list would be Brotha Lynch Hung- Seasons of Da Siccness!
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Raw Hip Hop

I been waitin on another potent product too so iama fan but i give it a 8/10. Hey dninc u have a link to any of those tapes you TALIKin bout i wanna hear dat shit "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang

talk about potent product

the heat SMASHED the magic last night,they getting there