J Money - Trapper Of The Year 2


01 J Money - Stay In Yo Lane [Prod. By Sauce God]
02 J Money - Can't Wait [Prod. By Dj Gold Baby Jesus]
03 J Money - Sauce On Me [Prod. By K.E. On The Track]
04 J Money - Everything Major (Feat. Coca Vango)
05 J Money - Tropicana [Prod. By Swift]
06 J Money - Really Really [Prod. By Saucegod]
07 J Money - Failure (Feat. D Aye)
08 J Money - Da Real 1 [Prod. By Saucegod]
09 J Money - Kicking (Feat. Chop Dawg) [Prod. By Dj Gold Baby Jesus]
10 J Money - Make It Happen [Prod. By B Sound Beatz]

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