Fleet DJs Present - Futuristic South Allstars (Hosted By Juvenile)


1. Juvenile Intro (Dj Prince & Dj Profluent)
2. Juvenile Feat;B.G. - Feeling Right
3. B.G. - Keep It 100
4. Juvenile - Sets Go Up (Throwback)
5. 8 Ball & Mjg Feat; T.I. - Boo
6. Jay Da Menace Feat; Juvenile & Q Corvette - My Lil Hood Thang
7. Juvenile Speaks
8. Juvenile - Back Back
9. B.G. & Juvenile - I’m Flying
10. Juvenile - Klassik
11. Juvenile - Need It In My Life (Throwback)
12. Juvenile - That Shit
13. Juvenile - Whats Happening (Throwback)
14. Raw Product - On My Grind
15. Partners N’ Crime - So Attracted (Juvenile Artist)
16. Tef Kaluminoti - Ready 4 It
17. Verse - U N Da Way
18. Juvenile - Website Info
19. Juvenile Feat; Jay Da Manace & Kange Slim - Alright
20. Lil Ru Feat; Gorilla Zoe , Collard Greens , Mr Brod - Nasty Song (Rmx)
21. Chriz Millz Feat; Mica Swain - Up And Down
22. Gorilla Zoe Feat; P. Diddy - Echoes
23. Juicy J - 30 Inches
24. City Boy - Protect This
25. Deuce Dollar$ Feat; D Body - Get Str8 Cash
26. Mista D.R.E.D. - Cooking In The Kitchen
27. Dj 321 Speaks
28. Young Jeezy Feat; Young Capone - Done It All(Rmx)
29. Juvenile - Animal (Throwback)
30. Juvenile - Bounce Back (Throwback)
31. C.O.B./Grind Time - I Be On The Grind
32. Juvenile - Outro

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As soon as Lil Wayne Detach himself off of Baby's wallet, Watch out for the New HotBoyz Album.. The reason nothing happened yet is because Baby still want a cut and want Juvi and B.G. Back.. Aint Happenin, Lil Wayne the only one that stuck around because he was smart enough to go to JayZ and get his Value up and go back to Baby with a Ultimatum, It paid off for him and baby is weeping the benefits for now, but he know damn well Lil Wayne is on his way out that deal and Baby wont let Wayne leave without a fight or a bullet to the back of his head. Eventually all of them will be dead if Baby has his way, so i hope they get an Album out ASAP.
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where da futuristic guys?

where's yung la? where's j money? where's travis porter? where's juiceman?
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velaxx wrote:
where's yung la? where's j money? where's travis porter? where's juiceman?
they all suck ass

How Do Theze Guys Qualify As

How Do Theze Guys Qualify As Futuristic??? They Dnt Even Have Swag....Whats Really Goin On