DJ 5150 - Juvenile & The B.G.


1. B.G. - Beat That Pussy Up
2. Juvenile - Back Back
3. B.G. & Juvenile - Feel Right
4. B.G. ft Hot Beezo, Juve - Team Head Bussas
5. Juvenile - How Much
6. Juvenile - She Bad
7. B.G. & Juvenile - 187
8. B.G.,Juvenile, Lil Wayne - Ya heard Me
9. B.G. - Ball
10. B.G. - Show dat
11. B.G. - CNN
12. B.G. - Aint Right
13. B.G. - Its Real
14. Juvenile - Gone
15. Juvenile, B.G., Wayne - What u call us
16. Juvenile - Keep it real
17. Juvenile - Like Me

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IK3SD 4 LIFE cash money 4 life bg the realist n the game behind chamillionaire
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Hell you can even get these tracks off their Myspace pages now lol.. This shit is so old i bumped most of these tracks back in Jan and Feb. Im a Big B.G. and Juvi fan, Juvi need to stop fuckin around and release an Album already, I can wait on B.G. he's startin to believe he's the next coming of Soulja Slim or something, i wouldn't be surprised if he had him killed off because Slim was on a quick rise to power. If i hear him Jack one more line from off of Soulja Slims old albums im gonna punch random shit.
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stop smokin crakk!