Eminem - Despicable (Freestyle)

Em's new single "Not Afraid" drops on Friday.

Look out for Recovery on June 22nd.

*Update: Look for "Not Afriad" to leak tommorrow

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Em kills the beats in this shit. I haven't liked alot of his newer stuff but im looking foward to recovery after hearing this.
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Em kills everything he

Em kills everything he touches and every one of dudes albums have been genius in there own way... lookin forward to the single fri and june 22nd will almost complete my year half way through it. after that i only have to wait for the RED album to drop...
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not bad

em went off on this shit....i liked the daffy duck flow he did....that shit was sick haha
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sicc drop mang!

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Somebody call the Fire Department...

This is some crazy shit, fire all trough...."I'm the King of this Honky Shit, I Reign supreme in this Honky Shit" LOL FIRE

Marshall Mathers = Sickest white boy ever.

Yep, still a beast when he wants to be...
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Joe Budden...

Did everyone hear bout joe budden signing to shady records? that should be interesting...
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nevered really liked Budden

Specially when he tried to test my nigga Meth and Inspectah Deck when off on his azz! He murder that fool!!! Budden didnt even replied to that azz woopin.
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yh he kinda got murdered on that shit. im intrigued to hear him with some shady/aftermath production though...
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the whole house, not jus budden

d wEEZY 1 wrote:
Did everyone hear bout joe budden signing to shady records? that should be interesting...
its the whole house signed to shady, not jus budden.....
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really? didnt know that...

really? didnt know that...
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em never disappoint... nuff said
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Call him what you want, but that muthafucka IS the greatest rapper alive right now.Tell me an M.C in a freestyle battle that would crush EM?None, if you don't see that than you better pull your head out your ass dawg![DEFEND DADE]
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hahahhahahahhahhahahhahhah goddamn the king just killed it!!!!!


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don't even put jay-z and eminem in the same sentence. I'm sorry. But jay-Z fell off big time to me, his old shit is good but his past couple of albums have been too commercial, but enough of talkin' about other rappers, we here for the king baby!!
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THAT SHIT WAS RETARTED!!!!! That Damn Daffy!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! Who's Dumber on the Mic!!!!! KILLED IT! Y8S

hell yeah

word this shit is straight fire..for a freestyle it doesn't get sicker than that
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I dont know

I listen to this a few times and I liked the rap, But that beat is fuckn wack. Switch it up. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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THIS NIGGA IS A FUCKIN BEAST !!! he snapped !!!! lol But ay ...I would appreciate it if you would listen to my music, and tell me what yaw think ; ) http://hotnewhiphop.com/yaboyjsax http://www.myspace.com/yaboyjsax 16 years old and goin harder den these older niggas GET AT ME !! --> ~ J Sax ~
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Hell Yeah

Not Afraid is going to be dropped tomorrow. I thought I was going to have to wait until friday for it. I noticed all the em haters shut the fuck up too
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Shit that whiteboy always

Shit that whiteboy always goes hard ever since I started listening to him in 2000's ~>////ArKm AsYlM\\\\
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This fool is so OVERRATED that its ridiculous!!! Not my cup of tea(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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mane ya'll some racist

mane ya'll some racist bastards, boy got skills, Most people listen to rap 'coz they can relate to it.. not just blacks ignorant fucks [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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Eminem need to make another

Eminem need to make another movie. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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fuck outta here

MidwestBest765 wrote:
mane ya'll some racist bastards, boy got skills, Most people listen to rap 'coz they can relate to it.. not just blacks ignorant fucks [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
LOL, chill out clown....aint nobody racist...far from it playa...he still overrated!! And ur the ignorant one...how u label someone racist cuz they aint feelin a rapper...LMAO..fuck outta here(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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Dude is on God-mode with this hea..

Fuck beast mode, my nigga Em just took this beat and torched the ever livin shit outta it.. GOD... DAYUM, Epic verse!!! If this how his album gone be fuck downloadin it i don't even care if the link is emailed to me, imma buy it.
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I cosign with all of that... this shit went hammy and if the beat was dead he would have brought that shit back alive lol.. I know this ablum will be on point!! word
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I'm wit cha Dninc on this

I'm wit cha Dninc on this one... he just killed drake and that faggot ass Lloyd banks on their own beats. This shit is ill!!!
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em killing everything that

em killing everything that he has been on for a bit now... good way to make your verse sound average get em to rap on your track.
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venom vs recovery

Em's album drop June 22nd, hmmmmm now who else albums is supposed to be droping that day. i think its ............ CHAMILITARY MAYNE lmao. damn if venom does come out like he says on the 22nd "wich it probally wont" i wonder if koopa will sell as much em. Cham is mi fav rapper but he's just not getting alot of credit down here and else where fucc niggas just insist on sleep n on the messiah. venom vs recovery lol dis should be intresting
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that shit wouldnt be

that shit wouldnt be interesting. chams got flow and lyrics for days on end and deserves respect but there is no chance in hell he will touch ems sells. em just reaches too many people. cham has a limited fan base. dude is simply slept on...
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chamillionaire is dope, but

chamillionaire is dope, but he ain't nowhere near Em's fan base so he won't sell as much. It's guaranteed

miss the hard shit

i stopped getting his shit a while ago becasue for a while he was putting out some weird gay shit. every album he has put out always had something hard though. back in the day on the old green lantern mixtapes wat he did to ja rule and benzino..tss he was a beast. idk what goes on in his head why he puts out that bullshit, but at the same time...who can out battle him? i never lost faith becasue like someone already said ...hes a beast when he wanna be
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not afraid

Wheres it at mfizzel? Just wondering since its supposed to leak today
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Dunno where izzle got weds from but the Single drops thursday, and you'll be able to hear it on all the MTV channels.. there's a radio station in Seattle that leaked it out and played it over the station, so it probably got recorded and in circulation on the net now if you search for it.. i'll just wait for a quality to release of it
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Good look

Yeah ill wait for the official leak then. Im anticipating this shit after hearing despicable. That albums is gonna go off the charts if all the tracks are as hard as that song.


Pretty nice freestyle, he said Recovery was taking a different style from Relapse I guess he wasn't lying.
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50snitchs boy em

beta have a listen

Heir to the Throne

Shit killed it... "It'll never be my chair that your on Crown so tight that it cuts off circulation to the brain no oxygen Otherwords there's no heir/air to the throne" aint heard many punches on ems recent shit... Old em is back.