DJ Haze , DJ Capcom & Eminem - Before The Relapse

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1. Eminem - I'm Having A R3lapse (New Shit!) (R3lapse Album Coming End Of 08!)
2 .Eminem - Demon Inside (Rare!)
3. Eminem - Todays Man (Rare!)
4. Eminem - Im Crazy (Rare!)
5. Emimem - Shinein (Rare!)
6. Eminem - Hell Freezes Over (Rare!)
7. Eminem - Afraid Of Blades (Rare!)
8. Eminem Ft. Royce Da 5'9 - Kool Kid Freestyle
9. Eminem - Off The Dome (Rare!)
10. Eminem - Fuck You Freestyle (Rare!)
11. Eminem - Got It Twisted
12. Eminem - Kay Slay (Rare!)
13. Eminem - 45 The Freestyle (Rare!)
14. Eminem - Radio Shows (Rare!)
15. Eminem - R&B Bitches (Rare!)
16. Eminem - My Name Is Freestyle (Rare!)
17. Eminem - Elction Time (Rare!)
18. Eminem - Drastic Change (Rare!)
19. Eminem - Fubba Cubba
20. Eminem - Hit It Up (Rare!)
21. Eminem - Hand Me An 8th
22. Eminem - Green And Gold
23. Eminem - Invasionist
24. Eminem - Crackers & Cheese (Very Rare! 1993!)
25. Eminem - Biterphobia (Very Rare! 1993!)
26. Eminem - Kim (Uncensored!) (Rare!)
27. Eminem Ft. Buggz & Proof - Desperados (Rare!)
28. Eminem Ft. D12 - Dumpin (Rare!)
29. Eminem Ft. Fred Durst - Turn Me Loose (Rare!)
30. Eminem Ft. Marlyn Manson - Way I Am (Rock-Mix)
31. Eminem - Touch It (Live-Mix)
32. Eminem - Whoo Kid (New Shit!!)

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Yeah! New M stuff, bout time!

its good

its good
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yo im actually feeling

yo im actually feeling eminem again.


Yeah.. feelin Eminem cuz this is his old shit back when he had that hunger for more! I hope he finds some Eminem Show n older typa mind state!



good to hear some old school

good to hear some old school em, back when he was hungry B.E.Z.

Shit Is CRAZYY!!

Mixtape is Hottttt!!! Em is sick!

You relly think his LP is

You relly think his LP is droppin this year? Nahhhhhh not til '09. He gotta build up anticipation first. Im sure it will be corny like all his LP's I only fuck wit his underground shit n freestyles. His LP'z is flat out junk.


Loads of ppl on seedin (450), keep it up ppl downloaded in 2 mins
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This might be good

Im downloadin at 600KBS right now, shit is flying. Anyway i haven't bought to ANYTHING to do with Eminem since 1998 so his next Album is the last try imma give him.. I heard singles from the last album and it was Garbage, i based his album on that and didn't buy it and apparently other people did the samething since that shit didn't sale much.. He betta go hard on this shit or imma be back to flame it..

same old music

yeah this mixtape is good, but its like 10 years old.. Em is turning into 50cent which = GARBAGE
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the first song is new. from

the first song is new. from what i heard hes goin back to the old em on his new album
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whoops.. didnt notice it

whoops.. didnt notice it says new on the song..
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Nice Mixtape Thanks

The Best Rapper Alive Eminem

your intitled to your opinion but...

Im pretty sure more people disagree than agree, im 1 of um. B.E.Z.
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i can dig it

i can dig it
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