Eminem Ft. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Ca$his - You Don't Know


UPDATE: CD Quality version now attached

(Thanks eskay)

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damn shit is straight fiya

this shit is straight fiya man 50 banks and em and cashis its over !


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Great Song

Song is great. It should be a good album, cant wait.

song is awsome

This track is sick. cant wait the retail album comes out. But anyone knows where i can get the lyrics?

great track!!

great track!!

This track is fuckin'

This track is fuckin' terrible, Em stop making beats, they fuckin' suck, save urself the 5 mins and dont d/l this track


Eminem beats sound like he made em in frootie loops so fucking terrible


this track sucks, em, wtf happened.. take 50 and lloyd banks and take that other dude off, em's better by himself...this cant be a single..HORRIBLE SINGLE


what u mean whats happend u must be some dirty south bummer this is better than some or the shit hes brought out and look how they did i bet u the re-up sell at least 1,000,000

ur rite

im from dirty south, and i believe we're the hottest in the game rite now, and i believe he'll sell at least a million too, but it doesnt mean this particular track is good, actually, this is the worst single em ever came out with

u are jokein

what about just lose it and all that shit ur tellin me u like that stuff ino you got ur own opion but this isnt as bad as daft songs like that and the dirty south may be bangin in every club now but the west is back
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its been 2 years since the sp called phrase "west is back" started being used, It hasnt come, it prob wont come
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its been 2 years since the sp called phrase "west is back" started being used, It hasnt come, it prob wont come


no matter what u guys say bout them, u'll still download songs and buy there albums...
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The part with Ca$his is amazing. If your not feelin that, then go listen to your laffy taffy bullshit.

The West

Man, the west ain't back nothing, Who?..The stripper Game, plz man this nigga trying to make peace after alllllll those diss records aint get him nowhere...he wants to be 50, dude is a lame. As for the south being the best in the game, thats why the game so fucked up, all these corny ass rappers, my chain, my teeth, my drank, i'm rich....man, get some subject matter..niggaz dont wanna hear that shit all the time..shit is a joke...only real nigga be Young Jeezy....i'll holla
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shut up

Shut da fuck up u fag The game does not want to be like dat lloyd banks loven nigga.50 cent is a fake ass bitch, he just goes around startin shyt wit every1 for no reason or maybe the reason is money....if you dunt agree y did he start shyt wit ja rule than fat joe , jadakiss, Game ,now nas n p diddy get a fuckin life what has p diddy done to diss 50 cent....nothin curtis jacksons nickname explains it all he aint worth nothin more den 50 cent.


Listen doggie, slow ya fuckin' roll, why did 50 diss them dudes u named..eazy...them dudes are all lames that ain't gonna do shit, 50 killed all them niggaz sales, Joe puts out lean back..biggest tune in the nation and he can't even go platinum...The Game realizes that 50 runs this rap shit right now and he can't eat unless 50 let him eat. How u gonna diss G-unit a 100 times and then ask for peace...GAME IS A LAME. Oh yea i almost forget, he ain't even getting no DRE beats for his album...."damn homie in high school u was the man homie".....and just for argument sake yo ass aint worth more than 50 pennies, funny thing is i think Game is a good rapper, its just that he is not real and he looks fuckin' corny tryin' to be real on them DVDs....taking a basketball rim...real gangsta

Your a fuckin retard

Of course Game wants to be like 50 Cent, he wants to get 11 Mill records sale, then 2 platinum record selling artists on his side and set up a huge record label, LIKE 50 HAS DONE. and he dissed diddy because he stopped talking to 50 about the mase deal, fucking retard. According to Nas, the name of 50 Cent's latest mixtape was in agreence to his albums name, idk if i take that or if Nas just doesnt have any balls either way well leave it as not a diss. and Fat Joe is just a fuckin faggot. Ja Rule and 50 had beefs on hte street from what i heard either way Ja is a faggot and needed to get out of the game anyway. and i never heard no jadakiss disses i just heard jadakiss dissing him.


nas has no balls haha u make me laugh he wont respond like game does he's got more brains than that he would only have to do what he did to jigga and that would be 1 or 2 diss tracks a nd it would be ova


pretty good track ems beats are aight, not that bad...i bet this shit will be a crazy club banger for like the next fuckin 4 months i wanna hear the rest of the cd now, and i want nas to go at g-unit lets get some good music, beef = good music, lets go
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50 cent is a disgrace 2 rap and all u faggots on his dick like hes good just shut the fuck up and listen 2 real music like d block n sum of dipset u fuckin dumb mother fuckers. Obviously u know nothing about rap and its idiots like u who go n buy 50 cents,tony gayos,n lloyd banks king of wack freestyles albums.. u mans r lame!


the fuck is wrong with you... we cant listen to G-Unit because... you say there wack. GET OFF GAMES DICK faggot. dipset is ight. styles p is ight but 50 aint lettin him eat.. and the rest of d block are wack
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you 50cent loving faggot

I aint on Games dick bitch all i'am sayin is 50 cent is garbage and so is all of g-unit but there aint no point in arguing with ur bitch ass about rap because u know nothin about it sayin da rest of d block is shyt man shut da fuck up jae hood wud rip 50 apart and so would sheek louch..dumb bitch

sounds like a basic radio

sounds like a basic radio hip-POP bullcrap
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tunes a 5 out of 10 and i

tunes a 5 out of 10 and i like eminem no one can say hes shit ya heard!i thought it was gonna be better than it was from the hype it got maybe thats why everyones so dissapointed
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PolarB15: "jae hood wud rip 50 apart and so would sheek louch" Damn right but WTF? Sheek Louch already destroyed 50 Cent a loooooong time ago! The REAL question is why don't 50 have the heart to answer? D-Block must be on some "got yo' bitch" shit, holding Ms.Jackson hostage in Yonkers! As for Eminem: He's just a corny, making music for kids, Dre beat wannabe, i'm retiring, trailer-park-trash, mommy dissin', ICP & Limp Bizkit beefin', 11 week marriage, divorcing his coke head wifey for the second time, black girl hating', pill-poppin', in rehab, Elton John ass hugging SELL OUT. YOU HOMOS THINK THIS IS REAL HIP-HOP? HA!HA!HA! WHAT A JOKE. Q: I been looking forward to Cuban Lynx 2 for years - so what the fuck is Raekwon doing signing with these Aftermath pussies?!?!


i,ve been listening to hip hop since the 1980s and that dude wass right.eminem is a faggot sellout and the g unit are a bunch of faggotts snoop,dre,nas,jay z are all sellout mother f*ckers.i hate reading there fans breath the words real and hip hop together.they just dont get it.if your favourite rapper cant walk through the ghetto without security they suck.if they make shitty collaborations with rnb artists they are sellouts.any fat joe fans here?

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