DJ Woogie & Talent Couture - 1st Quarter Push

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1. (00:01:17) Talent Couture - 1994 (Feat. Justin Styles)
2. (00:02:59) Talent Couture - Unrelatable (Feat. Elise 5000) (Prod. By AYO)
3. (00:03:09) Talent Couture - Not Now (Prod. By Kuddie Fresh)
4. (00:01:32) Talent Couture - Smokin' By Myself (Prod. By Mak)
5. (00:02:04) Talent Couture - Unique (Feat. Elise 5000) (Prod. By AYO)
6. (00:02:55) Talent Couture - I'm Pretty (Feat. Justin Styles & Tayse Solo) (Prod. By Team Green)
7. (00:03:36) Talent Couture - Slap (Feat. Nifty & G5 The Jett) (Prod. By Kuddie Fresh)
8. (00:01:46) Talent Couture - You Came Up
9. (00:03:04) Talent Couture - Long Night (Prod. By Chemist)
10. (00:01:52) Talent Couture - Swing My Way (Feat. Elise 5000) (Prod. By Mak)
11. (00:04:25) Talent Couture - Big Shot (Feat. Ray Rizzy & Aliesa Nicole) (Prod. By AYO)
12. (00:01:32) Talent Couture - I Love Latinas (Prod. By Flawless Productions)
13. (00:02:52) Talent Couture - Down (Feat. Justin Styles) (Prod. By Megaslap Productions)
14. (00:01:45) Talent Couture - Hang Out (Prod. By Uptown Youngin)
15. (00:03:21) Talent Couture - You Can Do It (Feat. Elise 5000) (Prod. By AYO)
16. (00:02:04) Talent Couture - Paper Planes Anthem [Bonus Track]

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I've only listened to the

I've only listened to the first track so far, but I just had to say that it's way better than anything on the other tapes he's put out to date. Hopefully the rest of this one won't disappoint.

So much for that. I ended up

So much for that. I ended up keeping 1, 8 , 10, and 14. Dude needs to pick his beats better; he sounds so much better over chill beats. His song concepts are pretty decent when he doesn't confine himself to the simplistic topics required of club bangers. This coulda been a good tape to just chill to if not for all the feeble attempts to make club anthems/trunk music (no disrespect to either brand of songs, it's just not where he shines in the least).