DJ Spinatik & Yo Gotti - The Lockdown

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01 - Yo Gotti - Do This Shit Again
02 - Yo Gotti - East Atlanta Memphis
03 - Yo Gotti - Count Money All Day
04 - Yo Gotti - Ahead Of The Game
05 - Yo Gotti - Fast
06 - Yo Gotti - Im Gucci
07 - Yo Gotti - Fresh Dressed
08 - Yo Gotti - Thin Line
09 - Yo Gotti - M Town Feelin Myself
10 - Yo Gotti - Trapstar
11 - Yo Gotti - Mi Casa Su Casa
12 - Yo Gotti - Ease Up
13 - Yo Gotti - Im So Fresh Im So Clean
14 - Yo Gotti - Transformer
15 - Yo Gotti - Blockstar
17 - Yo Gotti - Touchdown
18 - Yo Gotti - Hood Bitch Fetish Feat Dorrough
19 - Yo Gotti - Woman Lie Men Lie Feat Lil Wayne
20 - Yo Gotti - My Life
21 - Yo Gotti - Im A Trapstar
22 - Yo Gotti - Get It On The Floor
23 - Yo Gotti - Cocaine Music Feat Rick Ross
25 - Yo Gotti - Get In My Car Feat Usher

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Imma check it

I'm gonna give it a DL, and see wut's poppin. {PHUCKERALL KNIGHT}
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looks like it got alot of old on here but imma see what it do for the tracks i have'nt heard....i take it back this is all old, -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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Yeah, it's so-so

It's so-so, I don't download every single thing an artist makes, but it was good update to me, cause I was on the early lol. {PHUCKERALL KNIGHT WILL CATCH YO GIRL AND PHUCKERALL KNIGHT}
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Yo gotti going lame, he steppin outta his realm and have fallin into circus beat, teenie bop, trap, random words bullshit, i think he tryin to turn commercial before he get too old and using Gucci mane, OJ Da Juiceman formula to get the attention of kids.. definitely not feelin this, nigga's have gone from telling stories in songs to fallin for that sell your soul for a few mins of exposure type shit.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *

I agree. Too much trap music

I agree. Too much trap music and frauds in rap now. And sadly everyone blames southern music. It's not like all of us endorse these motherfuckers. I liked Yo Gotti's old stuff. But I mean come on look at the cover, dude looks like the hamburgaler.
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Im tellin you, Yo Gotti

Im tellin you, Yo Gotti moved out the hood, and he to busy starin at his bank account or takin trips or somethin. Nigga need to take a vacation to the hood with his niggas for a month and keep it real and make some raw shit like he use to, or something because he on some bullshit. Everytime I hear him lately all the nigga do is mumble a few phrases and say this ya boy Yo gotti. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Shit Gotti is in the hood

Shit Gotti is in the hood every chance he gets, fuckin with the same dudes he grew up with. Only white porche suv riding around north Memphis. But I agree his music fell off hard, ever since he started fucking with Gucci and Wayne.
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I seen his old videos where

I seen his old videos where he kickin it in the apartments he grew up in and shit. I havent seen any current shit, have you? Thats kool to be on some more mainstream shit, but nigga dont forget tha niggas that came up listenin to that killa shit. He dont even sound like he tryin to spit, he just readin some shit some other faget wrote. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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I havnt seen videos, Ive

I havnt seen videos, Ive seen him with my eyes. I live in Memphis too and fuck around in all parts including the North. Shit I eat at Melanies Soul Food every chance I get which is at Watkins and Brown, if you ever listen to any of his songs he says that shit all the time. I guess these artists figure you can only make it so far without making songs for bitches and kids. I dont know how Gotti can go from that Gangsta Grillz "I Told You So" and "Cocaine Muzik 1" to doing songs with Usher and Nikki.
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Word. well maybee that niga

Word. well maybee that niga will decide to make some street shit. I really a few of them first mixes he put out. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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I hate to say it but I doubt

I hate to say it but I doubt it, once you go mainstream I think its impossible to backtrack back to your roots. Look at 50, Jeezy, Gucci, Wayne and so many others. I bet 50 would give up half his money to go back to Get Rich & Die Trying, when he was actually hot. Which I dont get, if he sold 10 mil of his hungry gangsta shit cd, why the fuck would his next album have shit like Candy Shop on it???
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3-6 going back

3-6 going back to there roots that old style, on there next album they got the ok from them labels to do so... i think the artist say the only way to make a big name for they self is to sell out mainstream, i say let them make they money they will return to them roots soon or later....big ups gotti... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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na na na

ima check it out but realy dont feel like its gone be good
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Thats the thing

Its all old, its some 08-09 shit ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
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I fucks wit Yo Gotti hard,

I fucks wit Yo Gotti hard, But this shit aint exclusive mane. $$$ DIRTY $ SOUTH $$$
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Spinatik is the man!

If it's DJ Spinatik you know it's gonna be fiya!! Plus Yo Gotti been ripping some sick verses lately.
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If it's Spinatik you know

If it's Spinatik you know it's gonna be late!! *Fixed*

what the fuck

why they tryin my dog gotti with that hamburgler ass uniform, you know gotti all white everythang nigga
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cavs all the way...

man much i hate to say cavs going all the way im die hard bulls fan but they cant touch the cavs....playoffs going on aint nobody sayn shit who they going for, it aint shit to d/l -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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not very big NBA fan..

NBA kinda sucks, too theatrical and players seem to get too lazy or arrogant for me, i have some favorite teams, Miami heat, Hornets and only player i like on cav's is Labron, but other than that i stick to College basketball which is far more entertaining, in the NBA it seems once a nigga get their money they get real lazy or real arrogant first then get lazy, the passion is in College Basketball and stays there, i like real contact sports anyway because yo ass betta NOT be lazy or you gone find yo ASS on the GROUND ass on the GROUND lookin like a fool with ya ass on the ground!
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NBA Playoffs

MAVS vs SPURS tonight.... I got my Dos XX ready, My bottle of Patron in the freezer chillin, and my indo smoke broken up. Im just waiting for 7pm to get here.
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I aint even been to sleep

I aint even been to sleep yet from last nite. haha, i dont think i could even pay attention to bball game rite now. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Hope Mav's beat the shit outta Spurs

outta both of those teams i can't stand Spurs, i hope Mav's wipe the floor with em, even though i think Mav's use more theatrics to get by which is why i dont like em either, i might sneak a peak in but i'll be hosting a card game later on.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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playoffs the best

nba playoffs is the best time to watch it them boys be playn, i see screw ready he got his drank, i may call my brother in law he a big mavs fan him and my sister imma fuck with him get him started... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-

this nigga look like the

this nigga look like the hamburglar on the cover, no beef
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its all about the money

Gotti's trying to expand out. reach as much money as he possibly can. that's why his music is changing to a more mainstream tempo. but its not like theres not songs that you can still bang too. im still a fan, even if he changes his musical game plan.
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most of its old

old but still good enough to listen to driving to work.