DJ Lil Steve - Southern Grudge 3 (Hosted By Yo Gotti)


2nd disc is chopped not slopped

01-Yo Gotti And Dj Lil Steve-Intro
02-Dj Lil Steve-Megamixxx
03-Yo Gotti-Snap A Picture
04-Yo Gotti-Get Silly
05-Yo Gotti-N.Memphis
06-Yo Gotti-Speaks
07-Yo Gotti-Standing In The Kitchen
08-Yo Gotti-Newspaper On The Floor
09-Yo Gotti-Swag Surfin
10-Yo Gotti-For My People
11-Yo Gotti-Meeting The Plug
12-Yo Gotti-Speaks
13-Yo Gotti-Feelin Myself
14-Yo Gotti-Transformers Ft. Don Trip
15-Yo Gotti-Women Lie Man Lie Ft. Lil Wayne
16-Mo Money Ft. Yo Gotti
17-Yo Gotti-Erbody Quiet Ft.
18-Yo Gotti-Chuuck Ft. Yo Gotti
19-Yo Gotti-Sold Out
20-Yo Gotti-2 Seats Ft.
21-Yo Gotti-On My Shit Ft. All Star
22-Yo Gotti-Speaks
23-Yo Gotti-Save Da Trap
24-Dj Lil Steve-Speaks
25-Attitude-I Be Like Ft. Yo Gotti
26-Yo Gotti-Speaks
27-Yo Gotti-5 Star (Remix) Ft. Trina Lil Boosie

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yo gotti.................. 7/10
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Im sick ov des Dj pittin out da same shit from Gotti.. Give me sum new shit from dude or leave des nigga off mixtapes cuz im b burnt out on dis fool. I fucks wit da King Of MEMPHIS. South Landlord is n da building ZILLA & next 2get his foot n da door!! CEO

4 the Screwheadz...

Eminem's Recovery album chopped not slopped by that nigga OG RON C. .....Pretty decent mix!
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I dunno how he'll sound chopped, but i snatched it anyway.. Em probably wouldn't come out all that good tho lol.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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Thanks Bitch

Screw_ wrote:
Eminem's Recovery album chopped not slopped by that nigga OG RON C. .....Pretty decent mix!

Ur welcome

You fake azz popcorn 5th ward wana be goon you...... lmao
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cocaine muzik 4.5 coming

yo gotti getn ready to drop CM 4.5 soon i heard a single from it called white world
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Its straight

Listening 2 it now. Freestyles on old beatz. I don't got much yo gotti except cocaine music 4 so i copped this. 7/10