DJ Scream Presents Yo Gotti - Cocaine Muzik 3

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01. Yo Gotti - For My People (Intro) (1:46)
02. Yo Gotti - Newspaper On The Floor (3:55)
03. Yo Gotti - Standing In Kitchen (2:34)
04. Yo Gotti - Live From The Kitchen (Interlude) (0:26)
05. Yo Gotti - 36 O's (2:41)
06. Yo Gotti - Five Star (3:33)
07. Yo Gotti - Swag (1:52)
08. Yo Gotti - Halle Berry (1:32)
09. Yo Gotti - Hoodrich (Interlude) (0:21)
10. Yo Gotti - First Time (4:48)
11. Yo Gotti - Why U Lyin' (2:48)
12. Yo Gotti - Night & Day (2:32)
13. Yo Gotti - 28 Bars (1:49)
14. Yo Gotti Feat. Allstar - Cocaine Muzik (3:16)
15. Yo Gotti - Snap A Picture (2:59)
16. Yo Gotti - Outro (0:22)
17. Yo Gotti - Different (1:40)
18. Yo Gotti Feat. Drama - Every Chance I Get (1:39)

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didn't he just put one of these out?

just checked it out. is you

just checked it out. is you a gotti fan, this shit is fire. i could have done without the remixes. the new shit goes hard.
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the man gotti

THATS WHATS UP!!! this shit is hard gotti the hardest out of memphis!!!
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the man gotti

THATS WHATS UP!!! this shit is hard gotti the hardest out of memphis!!!
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Decided to download it.

This is a tight mixtape.. even though i heard most on other mixtapes, Gotti could possibly be the best Trap MuZic Artist out there.. People sleepin hard on em. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09 ]


Dis shit here go so hard!!!! I cant believe iv been sleepin on Gotti 4 so long!!! Da fuck iz wroung wit me??!!!
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hey man every body talking about gucci this gucci that or jeezy this jeezy that man while they beefing or what ever they doing if you ask me i think its a stunt.....but any ways man yo gotti go way harder then the both of them is gotti signed or who with?
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Tha Dayum Truth

man, i agree, i just got turned on to Yo Gotti, but ima say it right now when it comes to trap rap i really dont think no one seein him right now, "ill give you a brick, what you gon' do wit, cept' rap about that muthafucka an bring it back"

shit turns out to be whack

gotti just ruined the cocaine muzik series. shit has only like 4 good tracks on here. rest are remixes and old shit. i got tired of this in like 3 days. hope the album has all new material.
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gotti fucks wit j records

gotti fucks wit j records (sp?) and cash money. for real check his shit out with allstar you know cashville prince. real trap shit. gotti holdin down memphis, starlito holdin down cashville, tennessee doin big things. just wait on whose comin outta east tenn knox vegas what up. i like all gotti's shit w gucci caz he holdin down atl hard. so is shawty lo, he and gotti need to get on more shit. 865 Knoxville Tennessee Vols, bitch.

i dont trap or anything but

i dont trap or anything but im really feeling dis nigga (NO HOMO)