DJ Kurupt - Mobb Deep: Streetcorner Gangstas

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DJ Kurupt comes with an official Mobb Deep banger to get you open
for the latest neck-breakin' album from the Infamous Queensbridge duo.
To celebrate the release of their G-Unit Records debut, this mixtape is
hosted by M.O.B.B.'s sharp-shooter Prodigy and features nothing but
heat from QB's finest. Featuring 25+ freestyles, tracks, blends & more.

1 - Prodigy Intro
2 - Mobb Deep – Put 'Em In There Place (Kurupt blend)
3 - Prodigy Freestyle
4 - Mobb Deep Interlude
5 - Mobb Deep & 50 Cent – Deep Creep
6 - Prodigy Freestyle
7 - 40 Glocc & Sam Scarfo – Where Them Hammers At
8 - Mobb Deep – Smoke It
9 - Mobb Deep & 50 Cent – Infamous
10 - Mobb Deep – Who We Ride For
11 - Prodigy & Nyce – Freestyle
12 - Mobb Deep, Nas & Raekwon – Eye For An Eye
13 - Mobb Deep – Shock Ones (Kurupt blend)
14 - Mobb Deep – Throw Ya Hands
15 - Mobb Deep Interlude
16 - Mobb Deep – Capital P, Capital H
17 - Mobb Deep – Freestyle
18 - Mobb Deep – All Mines
19 - Mobb Deep – Get Ya Hustle On
20 - Mobb Deep & Tony Yayo – Click Click
21 - Mobb Deep – Backstage Pass
22 - Mobb Deep & Young Buck – Give It To Me
23 - Mobb Deep – Get It Twisted (Kurupt blend)
24 - Mobb Deep & Big Noyd– Give Up The Goods
25 - Mobb Deep – There That Go
26 - Mobb Deep Interlude
27 - Mobb Deep 50 Cent & Mary J Blige – It's Alright
28 - Mobb Deep & 50 Cent – Outta Control (remix)
29 - Prodigy Outro

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paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

blood money sucks

sell outs

blame them?

they're FINALLY gettin' the money they have deserved ... and they're sell outs ... yeah the album was half trash, but you will notice none of the trash is on mixtape wax ... keep getting the mixtapes and you'll notice they haven't changed one bit ... depending, I'll probably avoid the next major label release too though, can't blame you there ...
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

mobb deep

i got all there albums but i have to say club bangers don't suit them. if this is as good as you say i should get it. just a bit to much g unit on it for me. i have this bobb deep mixtape with mobb deep and bob marley mixed it well good u should get that.

bobb deep

yeah that bobb deep queensbridge to kingston is pretty good, very well done aslthough i swear some of the instrumentals are not bob marley instrumentals .... blood money is decent, a couple truly good songs, but there is also a lot of material that feels forced toward the ladies. it sounds more forced than any other songs I can think of, by ANY other artist! It's just not them. At least they pulled off 'hey luv' and made it tight, this stuff is like ... well, not.
dice20's picture

mobb deep

mobb deep had sum real good shit out on the streets b4 they signed to g-g-g-g-gay unit. and wat were mobb deep thinking when they gt da g-unit tatoo ! fuck 50cent, its dipset, d block and sas all day
yeanukka's picture

fall the fuck back.. these

fall the fuck back.. these niggas been in the game ova a decade.. for you slow ass niggas thats ova 10 years.. yea its about time they get that money..


damn good mixtape!!! and Im picky... there are actually some real cool freestyles and even some classics on this one... Capital P Capital H is hot! Who We Ride For is another one!!!

fucking idiots

whoever fucking digs any of mobb deeps new shit and says they still got it... u are a fucking idiot... mobb deep has sold out to the max.. just by signing to g-unit... and the tattoo.. like what the fuck? club bangers are making them sound like punks PERIOD. I cant believe some of you dumbfucks like this shit.....
derren's picture

why u all slagin em, mobb

why u all slagin em, mobb bin underrated 4 years they had the peak now they gettin on and coming to end coz hiphop is dead so yeah of course they gona take a g unit deal, wot would u do if u comin to retirement and u got offered a few mill 4 a few club hits,and it was pac was started the radio frendly club hits, he chucked em in to sell records,then biggie copied, mobb have brought us some classics, and they dont expect true hiphop heads to listen to the g unit shit, but dont knock the hustle