DJ Whoo Kid - Mobb Deep: G-Unit Radio 20 (Best in the Bizness #2)

Props KDshortkid

DJ Whoo Kid calls back Mobb Deep for an encore to the infamous
Mobb Deep's official G-Unit mixtape series Best In The Bizness. With
cosigner 50 Cent putting the Blood Money promotion machine into full
swing, Prodigy and Havoc return for another round of freestyles and
exclusives + the return of the impressive Nyce & 40 Glocc from #17.

1 - Prodigy Intro
2 - Prodigy - Got Beef?
3 - Prodigy feat. Nyce - A Time To Kill
4 - Mobb Deep - Yeah Yeah
5 - 50 Cent - Devil Son Skit
6 - Mobb Deep feat. 50 Cent - Pearly Gates
7 - Mobb Deep - Fuck You
8 - Prodigy feat. 40 Glocc - Millions Dollars In Guns
9 - Prodigy - Las Vegas P
10 - 40 Glocc Poppin' Skit
11 - 40 Glocc - Where The Hammers At
12 - Prodigy feat. Nyce - Snitch
13 - Mobb Deep - Put 'Em In They Place
14 - Mobb Deep feat. Nyce - Don't Come Around Here
15 - Prodigy - Too Many Rappers
16 - Nyce, Prodigy & 40 Glocc - I'm A Soldier 4 Life
17 - Prodigy feat. 40 Glocc & Nyce - Hood
18 - Outro


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Props To KDshortkid....

...and Props mfizzle. Let you know what i think soon...
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good lookin out mfizzel and kdshortkid. this tape is fire! be easy and stay up. one


im not a very big fan of g-unit but i must admit that these mixapes are fire. Keep doin it g-unit

good looks

good looks mfizzel iv been waiting for this mixtape for awhile hope its fire thanx
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mobb deep still got some

mobb deep still got some fire in em even if snitch is on their cover..but why the fuck does whoo kid bring it back so fucking much... maybe i could put out a tape and and just yell bring it back at the end of every song and start over and put out a one song 40 track cd for real... lantern must be laughing his ass off at his joke of a replacement
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i guess he doesnt do that

i guess he doesnt do that bring it back that much.. but i needed to find an excuse to talk shit... haha

yo remember the days then

yo remember the days then mobb deep were ill and whoo kid mixtapes where hot the rap game change and its fucked up mobb saw a chance to blow up again and make loot and the same w whoo kid and mop and mase , mase is trash and dont fuck w mop wonder who there next target is to sign to g-unit

Gooooooooood shit

Whoo kid and G unit did it again! good mixtape from beginnin to end> g unit runs this rap shit, whether people like it or not. The freeway should be hot too, im just listenin now...jay and 50 together? uh oh...koch artists beware the big dogs are biting! once again r.i.p to proof!
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whoo kid isnt green lanterns replacement, green lantern was with em, whoo kids always been down with g unit. alchemiest is green lanterns replacement

whoo kid does do that bring

whoo kid does do that bring it back bullshit a lot. he's runnin low on material from what it sounds like to me. steve833 is right about the green lantern shit. these last two mobb deep mixtapes have been slightly disappointing though. who the fuck are 40 glocc and Nyce anyways? both of em are bull. they should bring back big twin. mobb just needs to do more shit with the alc, green lantern, sha money, and more freestyles would be nice. still think blood money is gonna be off the hook. u hear that dialtone?

also what happened to hav

also what happened to hav producing their shit? he's a talented producer for real, that def needs to come back in the picture.

still gettin used 2 the new

still gettin used 2 the new d/loadin thingo.... d/loaded this and was wonderin if the track listin is correct? if so im checkin the wrong Mobb Deep mixtape.... haha!! cheerz
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what is dis?

yo dis mixtape is wack, man he usin oldskool beats, GGG-UNOT!
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dis is weird

he got himself talkin to some alien dawg (las legas p) dat aint no girl voice man (u want it like dat*)
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good lookin' for this one

good lookin' for this one
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W T F ? ? ?

This Mobb Deep mixtape is O.K, But that Whhhooo Kiiid shit is just gets annoying. He doesnt know how to mix, blend even remix. As Game said, "lose the DJ in your name Mr instant replay"...LOL

Mobb Shit

Yesturday ,thay were gansta they are just funny ass clowns ....G Unot
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hey do any of you guys know where the beat from the song Las Vegas P came from. I like the beat but i dont like the fact the Gay-unit is on it. It would really help me if any of you guys know what song the beat came from. Oh yeah and GGG-UNOT fuck that gay-unit boy band shit.

Ya'll niggaz iz trippin

cause i know all of ya'll niggaz waz bumpin 50 Get Rich Or Die Tryin in ya CD player( if u wazn't u probably listen to da blac eyes peas lol) now its G-unot and shit shut da hell up ya bunch of disloyal fans get off games dick if game said jump off a buildin u probably do it lol
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Fuk game..i dun giv a fuk bout dat nigga..50 soft nigga..i juss dun like tha guy..he fake..D-BLOCK BABY dey got G-UNIT on lock..Sheeks killin em'...

if im not mistaken, i think

if im not mistaken, i think it is pharrell-can i have it like that, i can't remember because i deleted this shit like a week ago. u may not like g-unit, but u can't down mobb deep. granted d-block is killin g-unit as a whole, but mobb deep is still hot, even if these last two tapes have been garbage.
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thanks alot man. You were right about the song. but yeah i aint tryin to hate on Mobb Deep. They're still kinda tight. I was mainly talkin bout 50.

50 fuck everybody careers up he'll help them sell

but with mobb deep were nice not as nice now , their ablum will sell but it probaly will not be hot
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Do some homework

Come on now, Murda Muzik was raw but these cocksuckas washed up. Hova, Pac, n Eric Sermon all flamed these cowards n now da 5-0 is tryin ta make a buck off these lames.He would sign ol' reverend Mase outta retirement if he thought he could make a half a bone off it, oh yah, he did. They get no play in my city, not one song, not in 5 years. And 50 only gets play on strictly pop stations that play Kelly Clarkson n shit over here (the Lou).