DJ Haze & DJ Capcom Present Rick Ross & Diddy - Cut From A Different Cloth Pt 2

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01.Rick Ross - Blowin Money
02.Rick Ross - Mc Hammer
03.Diddy - They Don't Love Me
04.Rick Ross Ft. Roscoe Dash - Show Out
05.Rick Ross Ft. Triple C's - White Sand Pt. 2
06.Diddy Ft. Rick Ross - All I Do Is Win (Remix)
07.Rick Ross - Chop Em Down
08.Diddy Ft. Rick Ross & Dirty Money - Angels (Remix)
09.Rick Ross Ft. Rich Girl - Swagga Right
10.Rick Ross - Knife Fight
11.Diddy Ft. The Dream - Champagne
12.Rick Ross - Slow Down
13.Diddy Ft. Rick Ross & Dirty Money - Hello, Goodmorning
14.Diddy Ft. Dirty Money - I Want Your Love
15.Diddy Ft. Chris Brown - Curse
16. Diddy Ft. Rick Ross - Oh Lets Do It (Remix)

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No im not a hater en i ain't going to hate and shit but i think im done with Diddy.... im downloading dis mixxtape vo rosss
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This looks like shit. Its

This looks like shit. Its gotta be just ross' repeditive style and diddy saying "yeah yeah", we wont stop yea.
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Fuck this mixtape

Imma talk about somethin else.. Ya'll saw that BoonDocks Episode last night? LMAO!! OMG!! Tyler Perry got put out there! lmao! everything people was thinkin in the back of their mind but was afraid to say it was over-exaggerated on Adult Swim last night lmao! That was the best damn episode i've seen, that nigga Aaron McGruder don't give a FUCK this season! lol.. if ya'll aint seen it, thats a must see.....
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Aye which episode was that ?

Non stop we get it in. Gunhill Rd, BX holdin it down.
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Epsiode "Pause"

On my DVR it says the title "Pause", it's the newest one, it should re-air tonight or you can probably just go into on-demand and go to cartoon network and watch it.. or go online to the Adultswim Website in a couple of days and see it, they don't post new episodes right away there..
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Man i tell you

When i tell you that nigga Aaron McGruder don't give a fuck what he say or do in his Boondocks cartoons i mean it! that nigga simply just don't give a flyin fuck! that nigga say everything for us about everybody and everything in this new season, he was pretty raw in the first season too, but this one is going from just plain wrong to all out destroying people's careers lmao, he giving people what they want now, now they'res girls posting all over facebook about Tyler Perry being fruity and saying it might be animated and over the top but everybody been thinkin it and was afraid to say it lmao!.. I have a couple of homeboyz thats coming to watch it that aint never seen the shows before, they gone probably get addicted after i show them the first few episodes of this season leading up to this Tyler perry episode..
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I downloaded season 1 & 2 on piratebay. Is't season 3 already? I really dont keep up with tv programing unless is espn.
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We in Season 3 now, but Season 1 and 2 are real good, watch em, you'll get addicted, i don't keep up with much of anything outside of NFL Network and ESPN either, but thats why i have my DVR set for all my shows like boondocks, 24, Heros, Trueblood, Treme, and some random shit on national geographics and discovery channel lol. so i can watch em at my convenience.
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Im addicted to the history ch too. I love them shows about the acient pyramids n shit. They cant never figure out how shit was made... lol!
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I wonder if Tyler Perry is

I wonder if Tyler Perry is really that against Ice Cube like dude on Boondocks was..."You have to denounce Ice Cube and all his work...EVEN FRIDAY" Robert said "shit I kinda like Friday"!!
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I had to pause it on that part man, i fell outta my fuckin sofa about to suffocate laughin at that shit.. "Get on your knees Robert.. Do you accept jesus as your lord and savior robert? do you accept me as the representative of jesus christ in the tv and movie business? Do you renounce Ice cube and all his work? LMAO! LMAO!!!
The Part that got me was the fat lady that talked to Huey talkin about they reminded her of her grand kids but they like Ice cube movies so i can't never speak to them again; Excuse me imma get me some Kool-aid! lmao!! i was in tears at that part and repeated it like 8 times lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shit was too fuckin funny.. hhahahahaha!!
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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They made fun of Tyler

They made fun of Tyler Perry, Jesus freaks, cross dressers, cults, greased up dudes, dudes kissin dudes and still had time for a kool-aid joke!
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Heres another Em track for everyone...

When did this come out? I

When did this come out? I like it.
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If that would of been on

If that would of been on Recovery it would of been the best track on the album
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Ol school way underground Memphis rap

Dj Squeeky, Dj Spanish Fly, this dude uploaded shit I havnt heard in double digit years!!
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Ive been lookin for that Dj

Ive been lookin for that Dj Squeeky In the Beginning for years, I had bought it so many times in my life I couldnt do it again, now if I could just find Dj Squeeky "On A Mission" Ill be good
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Juicy J Volume 6

Go on there and download that Juicy J volume 6, then go to track 8 and its an 8 Ball song and he had to be 16 years in the song, old old shit I grew up on right here
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yea dat episode was hella

yea dat episode was hella stupid funny,,but this cover is redicolous Ross is like three times that size.($Closer to my dreams errday$)
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