Rick Ross - Ricky Castro


1. (00:04:26) Rick Ross - Tangerine (Remix) feat. Big Boi,Fabolous & Bun B
2. (00:00:59) Rick Ross - So In Love
3. (00:04:3 Rick Ross - Like I See
4. (00:05:05) Rick Ross - Give It To Em feat. Akon
5. (00:04:08) Rick Ross - Just In Case feat. Rocko
6. (00:01:10) Rick Ross - Fountain Blue feat. Diddy
7. (00:04:03) Rick Ross - Gucci Time (Remix)
8. (00:08:03) Rick Ross - BMF (Remix) feat. Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti
9. (00:04:08) Rick Ross - Living Better Now feat. Jamie Foxx
10. (00:01:59) Rick Ross - Alright
11. (00:04:26) Rick Ross - All In One Swipe feat. Mack Maine & Birdman
12. (00:04:00) Rick Ross - Grindin All Night feat. Roccett & Bun B
13. (00:04:34) Rick Ross - Down Here feat. Petey Pablo & Lil Wayne
14. (00:03:41) Rick Ross - Dollar Signs feat. Three 6 Mafia
15. (00:06:42) Rick Ross - Deuces (Remix) feat. Chris Brown, Drake, Kanye West, Andre 3000, Fabolous & T.I.
16. (00:03:58) Rick Ross - Another One feat. Diddy
17. (00:03:47) Rick Ross - Midnight Hoes feat. Pimp C & Slim Thug
18. (00:03:51) Rick Ross - Rap Song feat. T-Pain

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He comes out with a new

He comes out with a new mixtape every 3 days with the same 12 old ass songs on it. Give it a break mane. You gon kill ya own buzz. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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And that Z-ro joint (Put It

And that Z-ro joint (Put It In The Air) should deffinently be on here for all them people that just don't know. Shit go too hard. Z-ro the realest dewd in the game, period. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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$$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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now castro....

Rick gotta be the biggest wanne-be-mobster/bad guy in the history of mankind, kinda paphetic if you think about it, he use to be a c.o.
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A job is a job dumbazz.

A job is a job dumbazz. Being a CO was just an occupation to pay the bills. Besides a CO isn't even a cop, just a jail security guard. 2 Pac was ballet dancer. You sayin' that takes away from his greatness. The Game used to be a male stripper. A job doesn't define anybody. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]

nah g... being a male

nah g... being a male stripper does take away from game's greatness if u wanna say game is great... game saya he is a certified gang banger and gangstas dont become male strippers i dont care how many bills they got