DJ Envy - The Bad Guys Part 10: D-Block

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DJ Envy aka. The People's Choice brings you his infamous mixtape
series profiling the hardest 3 groups in hip-hop, The Bad Guys. This
new D-Block edition mixtape brings you down to Yonkers, "where all
them other hard niggas come from," said a certain G-Unit leader. This
mixtape features new tracks from Jadakiss, Sheek, Styles P, J-Hood.

1 - It Can Get Ugly - Jadakiss feat. Swizz Beatz
2 - Who Want A Problem - Styles P feat. Swizz Beatz
3 - Problem - Dj Khaled feat. Jadakiss & Beanie Sigel
4 - Shots Fired - Styles P feat. Jadakiss
5 - Hustlin - J-Hood
6 - Touch The Sky (Rmx) - Kanye West feat. Jadakiss, Styles P & Sheek
7 - Ms. Jackson - Jadakiss & Styles P
8 - Hitmen - Fabolous feat. Styles P, Sheek, J-Hood & Paul Cain
9 - Habits - J-Hood
10 - Go Hard - Styles P
11 - Reload - Sheek
12 - Shoot Em - Styles P feat. Team Arliss
13 - Quick 3 Piece - Styles P feat. J-Hood
14 - Nah - J-Hood
15 - Life Is A Flower - J-Hood & Gravy
16 - Get That Money - Sheek feat. Styles P
17 - J-Hood & Gravy Freestyle
18 - Gun Talk - Styles P feat. Red Cafe
19 - Bulldozer - J-Hood
20 - We On D-Block - J-Hood feat. Game
21 - We Grindin - Snyp feat. Stypes P & Maino
22 - Fiend - Jaheim feat. Styles P
23 - You Ain'T No Gangsta - J-Hood feat. Odg & Big Noyd
24 - Brush Ya Shoulders - J-Hood

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This Mixtape Kill


Jadakiss is a real rapper with big street credibility, he has the right to diss 50 cent..."50 Cent selling out" etc... ;) haha. Now Jadakiss is working with.... PARIS HILTON ;-).... this nigga would sell his ass. I always thought that Jadakiss is whack. I always hated his voice, before he had beef with g-unit. But at thís beef I began thinking this nigga could be for real. But now he is exposed.... the biggest faker and wankster ever .... 50 Cent would never do shit with this bitch.
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50s jock

Ya need ta hop up off the majic stick for a minute man, 50 is all ya ever talk about, minchia ya never stop wit that shit

why should I stop talkin

why should I stop talkin about 50. Everybody is talkin about this nigga all the time. in fact all you guys who hate him are talking much more about him then about your favourites. But I guess you don`t have favourites. your favorite activity is 50 cent-hating.
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"But at thís beef I began thinking this nigga could be for real. But now he is exposed.... the biggest faker and wankster ever .... 50 Cent would never do shit with this bitch." R u stupid??..50 Cent is wurking wit Michael Jackson LMFAO..Id fuk Paris Hilton straight..N wat duz dat hav 2 do wit his music..U neva liked him because u didnt like his voice??..U dunno music, u can fuk rite off..

1. what his voice has to do

1. what his voice has to do with music??? well, his voice sucks, so his tracks sucks. In Germany everbody say this...the people here are just interested in music and nothing else....and everbody here says:"50 his hot"...and if the people here know him, they say: "jadakiss sucks", because his music is shit... In Germany Jadakiss his known as the guy, who got mercy from jennifer lopez and was allowed to dance 20 seconds in her video...hahaha. Jadakiss sounds like a beaten dog, he`s just whack. I was no jadakiss-hater as I loaded his "kiss of death"-album. And I thought....THIS NIGGA sucks, he`s just whack. I really don`t know why he thinks he`s a giant-rapper. I guess he`s a cocaine motherfucker with artificial self-confidence. 2.This Michael jackson shit is just shit-talking. And If there are 50 Cent/MJ collaboration I wouldn`t see the problem...he`s the biggest black-music artist ever. But Jadakiss...his career his over, he has got to hook up paris Hilton. I suppose it will almost be a Paris Hilton feat. Jadakiss and not a Jadakiss feat. Paris Hilton. He needs publicity and is now that what he saying 50 Cent is.
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No comment lol..Go G-unit..O ye and Whoo kid..Who hooked michael jackson up wit 50..Thumbs up buddy

Who the fuck are you...

Who the fuck are you comin' from Germany talkin' shit like that? Keep on listening to German rap, and G-Unit. I don't like gggg-gay unit, or rap that's in a language I can't understand.

First off where do u get off

First off where do u get off talkin shit and u in Germany. Second only real grimy street niggas listin to jada.Yea 50's first cd was hot. Why becase it was grimy now he fuckin sings on every trak. Once most rappers go from underground to mainstream they get soft.jada never went mainstream. Even 50 said he got fans only in ny because hes local imagine if jadas shit got played on the radio in places like in atlanta and la
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Kiss and D block are the

Kiss and D block are the fuckin shit, styles P-shots fired if off the hook. but also Maino is fuckin shit up, his Im the king is fucking awesome im with that nigga.Props to whoever is supplying me with some fuckin awesome mixtapes. MadeYouLook!
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Yah WhooKidGermangay, u funny as shit talkin all that Jive from all the way over in Germany, U gotta learn some other streetslang from ova here other than the shit ya hear on all that lame ass music ya dickride allday glued ta yer computer chair ova there, we dont all talk like 50 n Will Smith. And nobody HERE in the birthplace o' real Hip-Hop (in the streets) respect 50, I guess its kinda like how we don respect the police, makes sense dont it? And we don give a fuck if yall don think Jada's real ova there, send us a real rapper from Germany and I'll swallow my own tung, n he damn well better not have Blonde hair n Blue Eyes, we already got one a them rappin, n don need another. Do Germans respect Scarface n Bun-B? cause they lit 50's ass on fiyah on "Snitch Niggas", and they O.G.'s in the game even if ya dont like Jada (damn I hope u no who Bun n Facemob r so this makes sense 2 ya). Don't even call them fake, that'd be RAPBLASPHEMY. Now go on n threaten me how u gonna get the G-unit Crips to come kidnap me n Moms n dump us off in the Mississippi River, r maybe call me a wankster, cuz real mufuckas from tha gutta really call people wankstas in '06 like its still 2002, ya mite as well call a raw rappa "Def", or "ill". Come on, talk as tuff as ya want back at me, I wanna see how you german Scheide's act when u mad, I'll even give u some material, I'm Sicilian(Sic-Amer), I'm short, and got a big fuckin nose.

German Scheide`s ...LOL

German Scheide`s :D ?? You must have this from a free internet-translation. Maybe english is not my first language, but when I see your text, I don`t think it`s yours as well. I suppose you to be one of them immigrant-children without a future in this sick and racist american society...So you`ve got to hide in your dream-world of real gangstership (1x lol) and thug life (2x lol)...."I`m sicilian" (3x lol). I`m sure you are disrespected for that by even black and white people. I`m definetly not so stupid to believe shit like "g-unit-crips" etc. I`m the first who laughs about that artificial gangster-shit, it`s all a show to get the attention from the media and the money of dumb guys like you. For Me HipHop is great music, For crap like you it`s as I said a dream-world, because of your lack of a real-life.
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sick and racist american society?

lol look in your german history book plz
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My lack

Whookid-G, I don't gotta give you my fuckin autobiography but I've had a real, painful, hard life, and I still wake up each day wit a smile on my face n appreciate what little im fortunate enough ta have. and fyi, ive got a future, I got a job, 2 hustles, and im learnin realestate so I can not have ta be worryin bot bills 4 the rest a my life. And u right,some stupid mothafuckas DONT like Sicilians, on both sides a the social spectrum, even Northern Italians dont like us, but I couldnt give 2 fucks less about stupid shit like that, it dont make me bitter, my mother raised me better than that. So dont talk to me like Im a fuckin ignorant, wannabe thug, bumpin 50 in my fake Gangster "Dream World", you got me fucked up 4 somebody else. Oh yah, 'til u see my album collection, dont give anymore record company wisdom about how they market shit like G-unit crips to get "media attention and $ from dumb guys like me", now either go download 20 G-unit mixtapes or ask me who ta listen 2 ta hear some quality hip-hop.

Listen to this Mr. Mafia

Back to music : Here you got the nigga which is the rap-idol for "all the grimy niggas in the streets" (so would you say):D. you are such a silly idiot... Listen to this and then go to sleep.
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Ooooh, "Silly idiot" "Mr. Mafia"

U talk like such a faggot, get the fuck on somewhere hanz, your on the outside lookin in , and if thats the worst dirt you could find on Jada, hes realer than 99% of anbody else in the game, u talkin bot it bein ok 4 50 to do a song wit Michael Jackson, But I guess u n 50 would like Creepy Men that look like an old white woman(michael Jackson) touchin u than a blonde model (Paris Hilton, not my favorite but I'd still dig it out wit the lites out). But I'm such a "silly idiot", at least I like pussy, pussy. Go touch a boy ta some MJ bangin outcha stereo, FUCKBOY. Oh , n enlighten us all to who's real in the game, we gotta no.

d Block

Yo d block stay in the hood you can't hate on a nigga for that I don't see booboo in the hood no more that nigga a sell out he'll sell his soul for some air time, fuck that d block stay in the streets word is bond 2 guns up big up yonkers ny baby all day stop snitchin stop lyin you fake ass motha fuckas hop off curtis dick no homo, industry ass niggas don't want it wit the streets, niggas can't handle d block word up


Oh yeah and anotha thing it don't fuckin matter what's poppin off in Germany bitch ny started the shit fuckin south bronx my dude keep it gully so fuck you nigga we bringin it back watch out for jae millz and papoose bringin back to the motha fuckin mecca of rap nigga ya'll need to start prayin six times a day facin the south bronx and shit ny in the buildin
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Dam whookidgermany, erybody says you lame

OH NO....I don`t know how to

OH NO....I don`t know how to handle with this. I think I should shut up now. If not, your Mafia-Men will come and get me! P.S.(I know... you are a real tough guy and hustle hard). :D
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get the fuck outta here

G-G-G-G-G-G-Unot!!!!! wtf do u no ur from england n i no more bout shit than u do...u cant diss jada...why dont u go n take over poland again or sumthin!!!! lil bitch