DJ 4Sho & DJ BDS - King Trapper Vol 2 (Gucci Or Weezy?)


01. Photo Shoot
02. My Name Is
03. Payoww
04. Make The Trap Say (Remix)
05. Filet Mignon
06. Pussy Nigga
07. Attention
08. Rap Cemetary
09. Yeahh
10. Yes
11. Febuary 18Th
12. Luisianimal (Dissin 50 Cent)
13. Where U At
14. Lets Get It
15. Look At My Charm
16. Whut U Finna Do
17. Chuuchh
18. Mo Money
19. Julious
20. I Think I Love Her
21. I Hear Mama Talkin
22. Aqua Water
23. Ay Mann
24. Red Rum
25. Your Girl So Cold
26. Thank You

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Damn homie u gay as fuck.

Damn homie u gay as fuck. Weezey aint no fuckin trapper whats wrong wit u? Gucci da real trap star fuck wat u heard. Zone 6 nigga $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Free My nigga Gucci
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gucci mane la flare thats whats up
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i usually dont hate on tapes

i usually dont hate on tapes i dont like, but weezy or gucci? They both suck come on
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For Sure

I ll just stick with my tupac
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Both are Pop Icons, but if your voting on which one more is more Elite than the other, Lil Wayne takes the crown on this one, His mixtapes might be bad but when he drop albums they're good and they sell.. Gucci pleases one crowd and that usually is the one's that have their TV Turned to BET or have some type of Relation to someone in GA. His music is not good at all and it all sound the same.