DJ 4Sho - Southern Slaughter 13


1 Intro - Hezeleo
2 intro Freestyle - Hezeleo (Ugk Records), Trae, Yung Texxus
3 Where It At - **4sho Exclusive** XVII ( Ugk Records), Pimp C, Too Short
4 Freestyle - Bun B
5 Freestyle - Spark Dawg
6 Who Are They - Scarface, Slimm Thug, K- Rino
7 Freestyle - Flo-Rida
8 Rumor Has It - Young Jeezy, Pharell
9 Hit The Park - Gucci Mane
10 Drop It 2 The Ground ** Fire*** - Hezeleo ( Ugk Records)
11 Temper Tantrum - Gucci Mane, Whoo The Kid, Frenchie
12 Caddy - Gorilla Zoe, Trae
13 Where Ya Swag - Bloodraw
14 Freestyle - Gucci Mane
15 Flippin - B.G., Trae
16 Real Talk - B.O.B.
17 Aqua Water - Gucci Mane, Joker
18 Chopt N Screwd (Tx Edition) - Bun B, C-Note,Big Pokey, E.S.G., Trae, Z-Ro
19 Everybody Know Me - **4sho Exclusive** Streets N young Deuces
20 It Aint Nuthin - Trae, Yung Joc, Big Kuntry

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first and i dont even care

first and i dont even care
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Ha ha....

Why they have to go and put Gucci in the pic like that? I don't know how much Freddie would appease of Gucci making that face after his Moniker. When Freddie made the face cool.....slightly scary. Gucci with the club Alright Mixtape if you are into that Texas sound and flow. Maybe not nationwide appeal. But definetely will get love for those feeling the southern flow and style. It's friday night pre-club bumpable. Go Beyond the Familiar to Flourish