DJ 4Sho - Southern Slaughter 14 (Hosted By Smitty)


01. Intro
02. Freestyle
03. Whut U Fittin 2 Do
04. Countin Them 100S
05. Photo Shoot
06. Mafia Music
07. I Dont Want Cha Girl
08. Smoke One
09. Big Head
10. Feelin Right
11. Game Been Good 2 Me
12. Pussy Nigga
13. Always
14. Freestyle
15. Stupid Money
16. Talk Rap
17. Top Notch
18. Look At My Charm
19. Drop Top
20. Get Right
21. Drank In My Cup
22. Gotta Eat
23. Its A Shame

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Just have to laugh

at da Cover
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Just how I like my mens...all ugly wit' dey shirt off! I should sign all of them to Yung Money and then make a gay porno with my starting line up....yum yum ricky ross balls!