D12 rapper Proof killed in shooting at afterhours nightclub (*Update* BIZARRE ALIVE)

Rapper Proof of the rap group D12, one of the key figures on the Detroit hip-hop scene, was shot and killed this morning at an after-hours club on Eight Mile, police said.

Proof, whose real name is Deshaun Holton, was dead on arrival at Conner Creek Medical Center in Detroit, according to a spokeswoman for St. John Health System. He was 32.

Proof was among the most pivotal players in Detroit hip-hop, and revered as one of the battle rappers in the city -- the man who would handle anyone who dared to challenge him in a war of words. He befriended Eminem long before he was a houshold name, and was a nearly constant presence as the rapper rose to superstardom.

Proof was friends with many of the top Detroit hip-hop DJs, radio personalities, rappers and producers. A number of them were planning to gather with his family at the hospital this morning, including Eminem, Obie Trice and Marv Won from the Detroit group the Fat Killahz.

An unidentified 35-year-old man, who was shot along with Proof, is in critical condition at Detroit's St. John Hospital.

Police were called to the shootings around 5 a.m, following reports of a fight and shots fired. The club where the shooting occurred is called 3C, and it's at 8 Mile near Hayes. The venue isn't illegal but it was operating illegally after hours.

In the mid-'90s, Proof's Saturday afternoons were spent hosting rap battles at the famed Hip Hop Shop on Seven Mile Rd., a role that would be fictionalized by actor Mekhi Phifer in “8 Mile,� the Hollywood blockbuster film in which he Proof also played a bit part.

Proof was a steady hand for Detroit's then up-and-coming hip-hop scene. It was his idea to assemble a collection of Detroit's best hip-hop talent and call it D12; it was his hand that helped push Eminem to become one of the world's biggest pop stars, including serving as his on-stage hype man on concert tours.

After the release of "8 Mile," when battle rap was gaining newfound commerical exposure, Proof was hired to host a national search for the next best battle rapper by Showtime Networks.

In Detroit, he hosted Fight Club, a battle rap competition that would happen near his Iron Fist Records offices, which are located on Bagley in Detroit. There, Detroit hip-hop elite would gather and listen as up-and-comers on the hip-hop scene would verbally duke it out, looking to become as big as Proof, Eminem or other Detroit hip-hop comrades.

In January, he served as best man in Eminem's wedding, giving a poignant toast about how it's important to marry your best friend. D12 was scheduled to begin recording its third album this month.

This is the second shooting involving Eminem's entourage in three months. Obie Trice was shot and wounded New Year's Eve while driving along the Lodge Freeway.

Anyone with information on the shootings is asked to call Detroit Police at 313-596-2260.

Source: Detroit Free Press


"Contrary to earlier rumors and reports, D-12 member Bizarre was not involved in the incident in Detroit last night," Interscope said. "He was at home in Atlanta, Georgia."


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that blows...

tragic....heres a short news clip....http://www.clickondetroit.com/video/8615980/detail.html
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yeah real tragic :(.. R.I.P

yeah real tragic :(.. R.I.P

I saw proof perform w/ Em

I saw proof perform w/ Em not even a year ago - this is tragic man


wow more fucking black on black crime i bet. wow som of dese niggas jus fuckin stupid mane. how can u jus take someones life. world has gone mad.
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R.I.P Proof

We will miss u dawg 1 love


what a massive loss to HIP HOP!!! he was in Australia last month hostin a freestyle comp... very down to earth person no doubt..... any news on the 2nd person shot?? WHY PROOF?


Anyone remember Eminem's "Like Toy Soldiers" music video? It depicted Spoof gettin shot and killed. Can't believe it actually happened.

my bad

or Proof, my bad. RIP


I heard Bizzare was the 2nd person shot, but it aint confirmed.
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shit man proof my favorite artist from D12. i tought it happened before .. eminems video - like toy soldairs R.I.P
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Ide just like to say R.I.P to one of the best rappers around. He was one of my fav. rappers. Have a good afterlife.


how the hell can some1 jus kill some1 over a altercation..... like if he got in a fight and knocked him out dats reasonable .......... but to go a head and kill'em ...amn dat jus not human R.I.P Proof u will be missed P.S dis iz some shocking shit , proof DEAD ...shit

~R.I.P Proof~

~R.I.P Proof~ You were one of the best to me, and will be missed GREATLY.
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This is a Sad Day in Hip Hop He Will Be Missed And D12 will never be the same

R.I.P Proof

thats fucked up

wow man!

ay this is fucked up proof gettin shot yo dats crazy!!! wut if sum ova d12 members was der man it wud of been fucked up!!!!!!! eminem definetly gonna have sum tribute songs to him for sure man wow REST IN PEACE PROOF U WILL FOR EVER BE MISSED BY ALL OF UR FANS

R.I.P. Em hold ya head

damn i cant believe he's dead god damn thats just so shocking man how ones person life can just go away that quick man i still cant believe it another rapper dyin from vilonce Live By The Gun You die by the gun R.I.P. em hold ya head dawg

somebody out there hates Aftermath and shady records man

first obie now proof god damn some one iz tryin 2 destory their empire. hmmm suge? nah
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Too bad

Shit....R.I.P nigga..huge loss 2 hip hop

RIP Proof

RIP Proof
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I would like to send my condolences

to Deshaun Holton's a.k.a. Proof's family and friends. I will miss him. If you havent got his album hit me here http://www.myspace.com/djdeeentertainment there is a link for the world!!
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R.I.P proof tragic loss.

R.I.P proof tragic loss.


~R.I.P~ Proof... Unique Rapper with good talent.... You will be missed... Damn...

R.I.P. Proof...hope Royce not involved...

Damn, gonna miss this guy, was just gettin into some of the stuff he was puttin out on mixtape circuit, and he was my favorite in D12.. just out of curiosity, I'm pretty sure they did, but I wanted to check if Royce Da 5'9" and Proof had already settled their beef for good before this happened, I know they were going at it for a while... which makes sense cuz they two of the best on the detroit rap scene.. B_Rez www.myspace.com/b_rezza
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Royce izz tryin 2 take out Shady records...Crazy azz nigga

Rest In Peace

A sad day indeed. Couldn't believe it when I heard it from a friend. Heart goes out to his fam and loved ones. May Heaven have a place for him.


To the poster named zerim. From what I remember reading, they did settle their beef. they had gotten into a fight a while back and both got arrested and was sharing the same jail cell and they squashed everything in there. i can post the story of it up if you need me to. R.I.P Proof. My condolensces goes out to the friends and family of Proof. Em, don't forgot that even though we may know any of you all personally, you still have a world of fans here for support in whatever ways we can.

yeah thats fuck up obie got

yeah thats fuck up obie got shot and now this if i was d12 or em i would deff have that 40 cal or 45 to take that nigga had off if they going to do that to them u kno wonder who is next r.i.p
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Just a week ago was listening to his shit, Grown Man Shit... This is fuckin' crazy. Someone is putting prices on Detroit's rappers heads. First Obie, now Proof. I loved Proof he was by far the best rapper in D-12. Trick Trick has to put these hitmen six feet deep. Proof C U when I get There
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R.I.P. Proof

Proof was a great rapper, the most talented in D-12. I don't know about you but i'll shed a tear for him. Make Obie the 6th member of D-12, put out the album and dedicate it to DeShaun Holton...that'll keep his legacy going R.I.P.
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proof albums

could n e 1 upload or link n e proof albums every 1 shud be listenin 2 this man. cheers 4 n e 1 willin 2 help
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for fucks sake

stop with the fucking conspiracy theories
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Next y'all be sayin Em shot

Next y'all be sayin Em shot him


At least he's safe up there with Biggie, Pac, JMJ, Big L and everyone else who done lost their life for the love of hiphop. RIP Proof
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This Was On AllHipHop.com

"Proof knocked dude down and stood over him with gun in hand," a source close to Proof told AllHipHop.com. "Proof shot first. The bouncer on the ground didn't shoot Proof another bouncer did. Proof was shot 4 times. Twice in the head and twice in the chest/stomach area." Police have identified the second man as 35-year-old Keith Bender. Bender is alive, but is still in critical condition. "Dude [Bender] is on life support and not expected to live at all," the source continued. Investigators are still trying to piece together details of the shooting but have stated they believe two guns were used in the shooting. According to sources, Proof was licensed to carry his weapon.

Rest In Peace Proof!

U will be greatly missed but never forgotten! My prayers go out to your family,D12 & Eminem! 4 we all know he will be the one to suffer the most on your behalf! Love,sweetallizae aka Angie
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R.I.P to 'Without a doubt the most talented member of D12' PROOF

You Will Be Missed

Damn.. One of my fav. artists its still like wow hes dead. the first one of my favs to go in my life time. 2pac died when i was young so its like I never had a chance to accept him alive. With Proof tho i just saw him perform this summer i mean damn. Maybe soon people will give this dumbass lifestyle its not worth it at all. R.I.P. Your fans will always miss you

God dam man

DeShaun Holton RIP man. Everybody has the up-most respect for you. I can't belive a coward came along and took your life away. Just like Bugz all over again. How very said, just such a mess; You gave me soo much, and to everybody. They say the good die young. I hope the rest of D12 do a track to remeber you by. Your always in my heart and ear, I'll miss you. I hope to see you at the heaven gates.


The killer who killed rapper Proof has turned himself in. Read the article at MTV.com


Damn... Why...

they found the killer >:(

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This is damn shame!! Listen up everyone im doin a tribute track to proof an im tryna gt loads ov peeps to join up an do 1 big song to show how much people respected him. Hit me up on pemb@undagroundsoundz.co.uk or lil_p_@hotmail.co.uk if u wana be part of it. Piece R.I.P. Proof


damn man ... same shit in like toy soldiers ... damn RIP Proof ... and as eminem sayd "the both heart and ambassador on Detroit Hip Hop" Rest in Peace

People wonder why we say hip

People wonder why we say hip hop is dead. cuz they keep takin the best of the best. R.I.P. Derty Harry